Ruby is your typical suburban mom until her kid needs an operation paid for up front, then she agrees to knock over a grocery store for thirty grand and winds up with over a hundred thousand. She does everything she does for her family, for her children, for her husband, but also feels guilt about misleading them and lying to the people she cares most about. Ruby feels like she needs to support people, even when it goes against her beliefs. She teeters between moral objections and going along with things to keep people happy with her. She doesn’t want to kill people, even rapists who “deserve it” according to Annie. She feels empathy and guilt moving his body, especially since it’s been cut up into pieces. She frequently makes decisions based on the immediate situation, and on how she feels about it – confessing to her husband the truth of her involvement, admitting to her daughter that he did what the police accused him of doing, etc. Ruby tries to remain optimistic and peppy for other people. She is realistic and way more practical than her friends. When they kidnap a guy, she points out all the many things they will need to do to keep themselves safe, and tend his needs. She gets absorbed in the details of things rather than sees the big picture, like when she speculates about the amount of money is in the storage unit rather than paying attention to their conversation. She believes in family over everything else and makes sacrifices for them. Ruby doesn’t like taking on scenarios in which she cannot predict the outcome. But she also doesn’t read between the lines well. It shocks her to find out Beth is sleeping with the gang leader. She doesn’t have any guesses as to what they are smuggling, or how much cash is involved, or why people make the decisions they do. Her concern about the many ways various situations could go wrong causes her many sleepless nights. Ruby isn’t good at thinking through her decisions at times, since she reacts out of fear most of the time.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ruby is a cautious and fearful person, who doesn’t like to take risks. At first, she thinks her friends are insane for wanting to rob a grocery store, but then her loyalty to her daughter and her desperate need to pay for her operation drives her to agree to go along with it. She’s worried about the repercussions of her actions almost constantly, and always looking over her shoulder to see if anyone is following them—literally and figuratively. She’s shocked to find out that Beth has gotten in deep with their mob boss, and horrified whenever anything goes wrong. She tries to turn in her friends out of fears that her husband might go to prison for helping them escape charges, but then can’t find it in her to be disloyal to them. Ruby’s fears of going to prison and missing out on her kids’ lives drives her to contact the FBI in the first place. She can be defensive and reactive when provoked, but is also quick to react and take action. She likes to live high up to a point and over-indulge, then gets fearful about having spent too much and forces her husband to sell the tickets he bought. Ruby is willing to leave her comfort zone and try things, has a wacky sense of humor, and is somewhat over-reliant on other people whenever she gets into trouble.