Credence just wants to know who he is, who his parents are, and where he came from, because that’s a powerful drive in forming his own sense of identity and belonging (Fi and Si working together). He can suppress and conceal his emotions and magical powers so successfully from the outside world, they manifest in a black force separate from himself, capable of wreaking havoc on New York and murdering those people he considers unworthy of life. Credence is super sensitive, emotionally vulnerable, yet withdrawn and distant due to the abuse, and seeks out other people to bond to who are similarly disenfranchised (like Nangini, but he even abandons her to follow Grindelwald when he believes the evil wizard can reveal the true nature of his parentage). He clings to “Graves” because Graves offers him false love and support, but when Graves turns on him, Credence repays the favor by unleashing the inner beast. His naïve idealism wants to believe Graves is compassionate and kind, and not using him for some greater purpose; that he can become a wizard with great powers and escape the horrible life that ensnares him within the land of No-Maj’s. Credence also naively believes what Grindelwald tells him about his family and parentage. He perhaps believes in a kinder, gentler world, that he can have a new life separate from the old, full of magic, where he no longer needs to hide. Newt’s sharing of this greater ideal with him almost stays his hand. His view of the world as harsh and cruel comes from repeated instances of this, where No-Maj’s treat him with indifference, call him names, or beat him up. Credence is developing a worldview of others as ruthless, cruel, emotionally manipulative, and physically mean. Once he starts to retaliate, his force uses the same tactics, since they worked before. He acts on his feelings, and doesn’t seem to question Graves’ intentions much, merely accepting them as a rational method of obtaining freedom from his current life and greater power as a wizard.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Credence has spent his entire life trying to suppress who he is, and eradicate his magic, in order to gain acceptance and external approval – and to avoid punishment. He tries hard to modify himself, and not be authentic to himself, even if it’s killing him; he’s passive, easily influenced, and naïve, trusting others and assuming the best out of their attempts to ‘help him.’ Though Graves is at times unkind to him, Credence still obeys him and tries to please him. His 8 wing shows in his manic fits of temper – he will totally lose control and ‘explode’ in an enormous way, enveloping the entire city into a destructive force he can no longer contain. Grindelwald hopes to use that to his own advantage in destroying Albus Dumbledore. But Credence’s genuine desire is for acceptance, inclusion, and to belong somewhere.