Queenie very much lives in the moment and bases her actions off how she feels about something, including continuing to see Jacob even after his mind-wipe (with the specific intention of going against the law and causing him to remember how much he cares about her) and, at the end of the second film, falling for Grindelwald’s diabolical beliefs, because she sees no other way forward (he seems to present a solution that will avoid another war, so she goes along with it, rather than questioning it). She is stylish, sophisticated, and sensual, and loves creating a comfortable environment, whipping up a delicious treat literally in midair, inviting others to share her space and go on adventures with her. She dresses to the nine’s, to impress, and comes alive in the nightclub scene, where she encourages Jacob to try new drinks and delights in his love of magic. She’s about to impulsively rush off and help the others, until he convinces her to remain behind, and “stay safe.” Queenie is generous and soft-hearted, making visitors feel welcome right away, but she prefers to do things according to her own wishes and priorities! American witches aren’t supposed to consort with No-Maj’s, but that doesn’t matter to Queenie – she finds Jacob likable, so she wants to be around him (social expectations be damned, she’ll be seen kissing him in the rain if she likes!). She acts on her feelings, she doesn’t mince words when telling others things she wants them to hear, and doesn’t over-think, preferring to act, or point out logical solutions. She accepts that it’s safer for her to remain with Jacob than enter the fight, so she does. When Jacob refuses to break the law, she enchants him and tries to force him into marriage, insisting that they can be together in London – and when Newt lifts the spell, rather than stand and talk to him about it, she hurries away up the street into the rain to avoid a discussion, then abruptly disappears on him, chasing after her sister Tina. Part of her looks toward the future, though she prefers to live in the present – she thinks about Jacob’s future, his bakery, the things she wants from her life, and when she sees someone who can make that dream come true, she pursues him with single-minded intent. Queenie trusts her instincts about others, and has a generally good feeling about Newt and Jacob. Her actions toward the end are in anticipation of a different world, with fewer restrictions, though she’s probably decades ahead of the rest of society.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

The instant Queenie meets Jacob, she charms him utterly with her seductive sweetness, and then she doesn’t want to lose that love, because she has finally found someone who cares about her in return. She’s provocative and willing to take chances, and just wants to care for him and provide for him – she entices him with food and compliments, but also has a somewhat intrusive side. She barges into Newt’s thoughts and gives him advice on handling his relationships, without being asked, because she feels like he needs help in wooing her sister and making up for a case of mistaken identity. Queenie shows up at the boys’ door with hot cocoa and is pleased that they will be staying the night. She falls for Grindelwald because he promises her an idealistic life in which she can have everything she wants—the man she wants, without repercussions. Queenie is dramatic, powerful, and aware of how she’s coming across to others. She likes to be admired and adapts to fit into a situation, even making others uncomfortable to put them off (“this suitcase has female things in it… you’re welcome to search it, if you like”).