Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Tina knows how the world works, and how to navigate in it; if she wants to be a respected auror, she has to do things just so – but she’s also not afraid to buck the system, if she believes it’s in the wrong. She finds it off-putting when forced to deal with situations, creatures, and ideas she’s never experienced or dealt with before; she’s not sure where to draw inspiration from, so she trusts Newt’s judgment when it counts (he’s been through it, she feels she can trust his personal experiences, as she trusts hers). Tina often misreads situations, and doesn’t find out more details before feeling upset about it – such as when she sees  a photo of Newt with his old girlfriend in the newspaper, announcing their engagement. Rather than ask him about it, she assumes he’s gone back to his ex and jilted her and her feelings, so she runs away to take a job in France, so he can’t communicate with her. Tina approaches life with an expectation of how it’ll be, based on how it’s always been, but grows and changes as she discovers new truths. Her reasoning for arresting Newt is logical – he broke the rules, he’s endangering people with his case full of magical creatures, and she might get her job back, if she can impress the higher-ups. She easily takes charge, when she believes something needs to be done; she believes someone must be responsible for rounding up all the magical creatures “so Graves can no longer blame what’s happening on your creatures.” Tina is willing to act as a distraction, so others can escape. She lost her auror job because after finding out about a woman abusing her “children,” Tina attacked her at one of her New Salem meetings. Tina isn’t up front about her feelings, and doesn’t really talk about how she feels – but she finds a strong inner connection to an abused child, which enables her to reach him on an emotional level in spite of his intense pain. She and Newt have a “silent romance,” in which they fall for one another and never say a word about it. She worries about the aftermath of their actions; what dangers the creatures might impose on New York. But she’s also open to change and new ideas, she is imaginative and sees a broader picture (both in taking Newt in, and in helping him recapture his beasts).

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Tina doesn’t like to break the rules, and prefers to color within the lines. She worries about Jacob going without a mind wipe, worries about Newt’s creatures being let loose on the city, worries about needing to leap to safety to avoid being killed in a magical stew, etc. She is cautious, suspicious, and anxiously reactive at times, but also has a warm and generous side. She helps Newt recover his animals, invites him into her home (to keep an eye on him), and even defies the Ministry for his sake, but not without hesitance. Tina tries to abide by the rules and work from within the system, using the Ministry as an authority system until she finds it immoral, and then she turns against it – only to continue working as an auror in a subsequent film (though she’s doing freelance more than directly answering to the French Ministry). She doesn’t blindly accept that Credence cannot be saved, like other people, but instead sticks to her guns and tries to save him. Her 5 wing is self-reliant and withdrawn, somewhat awkward with emotions, but also not easily insulted (it’s fine if Newt compares her eyes to those of a salamander… she knows he likes them). It takes her a while to break free of placing too much trust in the Ministry.