Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Freddy is an undercover cop for the LA Police Department, tasked with arresting L.A. crime boss Joe Cabot. To do this, he has to pretend to be a criminal and get accepted into his gang—a task that excites him and that he succeeds in doing, by convincing them of being a drug dealer. The other cops remark on his courage, in being willing to go undercover in such a dangerous situation, but he assumes he can do well at it, and shows good improvising in the scene where he has to add-lib and respond to Mr. White’s questions about the situation in the bathroom. He’s honest enough that even after Mr. White gets shot protecting his “honor” (insisting he’s not a cop), he confesses the truth to him, knowing he’s dying, and giving Mr. White enough time to “do what he has to do” (justice). He assumes himself dying and accepts this, especially after seeing an innocent cop almost killed by a psychopath. Freddy wakes up from being unconscious, sees what’s happening, and has to shoot Mr. Blonde to stop it. He argues that it was the right thing to do, that it’s wrong to torture a man and set him on fire for no reason, even though he knows it won’t get him any sympathy from Cabot’s son and has practically blown his cover. He initially complains about having to memorize a four-page back story for his “character.” To psyche himself up for the job, he looks into a mirror and tells himself that he’s the man, nobody suspects the truth, and he’s not going to get hurt. Unfortunately, he’s wrong. He gets shot in the stomach and becomes hysterical, convinced he’s going to die, and begs his companion to take him to a hospital. Freddy points out the obvious facts—unless he gets medical attention, he’s going to bleed to death. Though he tries to comfort and console the cop, and reassure him that they just need to wait a little longer for reinforcements to arrive, when the man screams about having been torn up, Freddy loses his temper and screams back that he’s DYING.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Freddy manages to keep a cool head in a bad situation when he first goes undercover, remaining unconcerned and confident in how easily he gets “into” the gang. Then he subtly asks questions of Mr. White to learn more about him. He’s quiet a lot of the time, observing and listening more than participating, and tries to calm the distraught police officer down. Even though he knows he’s dying, he doesn’t make much of a fuss until the man ticks him off enough to scream about his own needs and point out which one of them is bleeding out on the floor. Freddy becomes more hysterical and fearful under stress, terrified that he’s going to die, and fixated on the worst case scenario. He also panicked when shot in the stomach and killed a woman. He swings back and forth between confidence, calmness, and aggressive energy and anger.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.