Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

A man of few words, Vic often simply asks questions – how do they know there’s a rat in the house? What’s this guy’s problem? What does he know? You don’t tip waitresses; why not? Is he dead? Alive? Did the cops get him? Did they not? He’s a serial criminal who rationally approaches problems, but also flies off the handle when people anger him. Though he wants to return to working for his “pals” Joe and his son, Vic points out that he can’t, because his parole officer won’t let him leave the halfway house until he has a legitimate job. He can’t work for them if he has to be back home by 10pm each night. Vic is a competent and loyal criminal who refused to give up Joe when in prison serving time, and who doesn’t mind his best friend’s sexual jokes about his time in jail. But he’s also a brutal, sadistic psychopath, who after telling the employees of a diamond store not to set off the alarm, and they do, shoots them all in the head, turning a simple robbery into a murderous bloodbath, then inciting a shoot-out with the cops that leave a bunch of people (civilians, cops, and criminals) dead. Vic uses a cop as a hostage, throws him in the trunk of his car, and then goes out for fast food, before he returns back to their place of meeting, ties the man up, and once the others leave (after a bout of accusations and a tense confrontation) – tortures him for the hell of it. Why? Because it’s fun. He expects to get no information out of it, and wants none; it’s just pleasurable to him to cut the man up, listen to him scream, and mock him with his own severed ear. He then douses him in gasoline and intends to set him on fire, just because the man insulted him by insinuating he has a “boss” (he gets angry and insists he does whatever he wants, all the time).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Vic has a bad temper, and refuses to take responsibility for any of his decisions; he says he told them not to push the alarm, they did, and therefore he was justified in shooting the employees. When others pull a gun on him, he calmly asserts himself and asks if they really want to make him angry. He seems unfazed by most situations, even the intense ones, and coldly dismisses people as being dead, not dead, talking to the cops or not, who cares? After a terrible gunfight, he went out for a milkshake and fries before coming back intending to torture a cop for kicks.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.