Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Lawrence is a warm-hearted guy who quickly befriends Mr. Orange and cares about him and his emotional welfare; when he’s bleeding out in the backseat of a stolen car, Lawrence tries to convince him that he’ll be okay and to calm him down. He jokes around with the other guys, but also has a lot of strong moral opinions. He insists that Mr. Blonde is a psychopath and tells him that much to his face, then later condemns him in front of their boss. He judges it morally wrong to let Orange bleed out, especially since he asked to be taken to the hospital before he passed out. When remembering the crime, he talks about it being wrong to kill those innocent people, one of which couldn’t have been more than twenty years old (with the implication that she had her whole life ahead of her). He shared his first name with Orange, in an attempt to soothe him, and his favorite team (therefore where he comes from) through “casual conversation.” Though he barely knows the kid, he feels responsible for him—enough that he defends him and gets killed trying to protect him (until the cops show up, and shoot him for threatening to shoot “the cop”). Lawrence is interested in details—he stops Orange’s long story about cops in the bathroom to ask a question to clarify the story. He talks about knowing people, and relies on his “long experiences” (personal connections) with the other criminals when vouching for them. He at first doesn’t think they’ve been betrayed, and is surprised when Mr. Pink says they were set up. He talks about what he knows about the place they’re going to hit, using examples of “places like it” (“places like this got insurance…” leads to a long conversation about what to expect from the manager and the employees, based on his criminal record). Lawrence doesn’t think a man’s instincts not being “100% convinced” is enough proof to condemn a man to death, and stands up for him. Under pressure, he starts to question things more than usual.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Lawrence is a warm-hearted and helpful guy who goes out of his way to comfort Mr. Orange when he knows he’s dying, and is willing to risk his own capture to take him to a hospital just because he asked. He even goes so far as to “hold him” when the man begs him to do so, showing a fatherly concern for his well-being, on a physical and emotional level. He defends him despite barely knowing him, and feels responsible for what happened to him, because of his role in trying to hijack a car. He’s fiercely protective and aggressive under stress, becoming more assertive and confrontational, even judging Mr. Blonde and pulling a gun on him. He has strong moral opinions; it’s one thing to knock over a store, and another to shoot innocent people. That makes Mr. Blonde a psychopath in his mind, and he doesn’t mind telling him so. He initially refuses to leave Blonde alone with Orange and the cop, since he believes he’ll do something to them—and feels vindicated when they get back, and he hears the story about Blonde intending to burn one of them alive.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.