Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Pink is the only one who keeps his word and tells none of them his name, but he also confesses that he had a ‘bad feeling’ about this heist from the start, and should have listened to his instincts. He’s quarrelsome and able to see things from multiple perspectives, such as when being assigned a name he doesn’t like, arguing that he should have another choice, or that he could be Mr. Purple instead, then giving up on that when it angers his boss. Pink immediately knows based on the information provided at the heist gone wrong that they were betrayed and there’s a cop among them. He believes they were set up, because there were no sirens. Even though he claims he’s going to walk out, go into hiding, etc., he changes his mind often and waffles on what he wants to do. He’s willing to take Mr. Orange to the hospital and drop him off until he hears the man knows Mr. White’s first name and where he’s from, which would connect him to a rap sheet. He says this means Mr. Orange can’t live, since he’s a threat to all of them – he might rat out Mr. White, who might rat him out. Initially, he refuses tipping a waitress a buck, because she only filled his coffee three times (not six) and he never does things just because people tell him to. He rationalizes that he made a living on minimum wage without needing any tips, so why should he tip her; but when the boss gets angry at him, he tips her anyway. Pink becomes hysterical after everything goes wrong, babbling on about what happened, how they have been betrayed, voicing all of his intense feelings and fears, and looking for someone to trust (or not). He’s also concerned enough with his personal safety not to want to take any risks whatsoever, leading to him being the only person alive at the end of the film – and the guy who possibly gets away with the loot.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Pink is fearful and cautious. He abides by the rules, even when he’s not sure it’s smart to do so, by returning to their meeting place even though he’s afraid it might be swarming with cops. He stashes the diamonds somewhere safe first, instead of just making off with them. Once he arrives, he’s doubtful of everyone and everything, suspicious, disconcerted by the idea that they are working with a total psychopath, and doesn’t want to take any chances. He thinks they should cut and run before the cops show up. He’s for letting Mr. Orange die, since he knows too much information about Mr. White. Though he threatens to bail, he never does. At the end of the film, when the other three men pull guns on and eventually shoot each other, Pink disappears under the stairwell to protect himself, and walks away without being hurt, the only man to survive.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.