Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Laurey is absolutely sure of her feelings at all times, and asserts herself forcefully – and bluntly, insulting Curly in the process (she starts out by telling him she thought someone important had arrived, but it’s just him). She knows she doesn’t like Jud, but agrees to go to the party with him just to spite Curly, out of annoyance that he assumed he could wait until the last minute to ask her to the party and she would go with him. She often counsels her best friend on being more moralistic, and less flighty; not kissing every fellow that comes along, but letting that be a meaningful act, and reminding her not to step out on a nice boy who is in love with her. Laurey is quite socially active, ambitious, and excited about the idea of a fine coach with tassels and fringe on it. She’s angry she finds out it isn’t real (it actually is) and flounces off, to impulsively agree to go to the dance with somebody else. Even though she’s busy getting ready for the party, she senses Jud is spying on her through the window and tries to back out on it, but also gets the idea that he’s dangerous – something that no one else picks up on immediately. Her instincts tell her not to trust him. She impulsively shakes the whip at the horses to avoid Jud trying to hold and kiss her, causing them to run away; then she shoves him aside and goes to the party without him. Once Laurey realizes how much she loves Curly, she wastes no time in marrying him, even if she has reservations about what Jud might do. She has a sharp tongue most of the time and isn’t always considerate of her words, using her temper to tell people off and keep them at a distance.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Laurey is very attracted to Curly, but won’t let herself admit it. She plays games with him and is a total contrarian, arguing with him constantly and yet wanting to attract him. She goes out of her way to insinuate how unimportant he is in her eyes, while secretly longing to be with him. But she swings back and forth on what she wants; one minute, furious with him, the next happy with him; not wanting to go with him, then wanting to go with him. Laurey is also afraid of Jud. She was too intimidated to turn down his offer, and then he intimidates her into going with him even though she has bad feelings about him. In the buggy, she’s ill at ease around him and causes the horses to run away accidentally as a distraction. Then she’s so scared to be with him, she whips them up and leaves him way behind. When dreaming about her future, Laurey sees herself marrying Curly – but Jud showing up and killing him, or preventing her from finding him… he overshadows all her thoughts about the future and casts it in a fearful, garish light. She has a sense of playful brattyness and fun, loves to banter and trade barbs, and is always looking for a good time full of extravagant experiences.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.