Function Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Lucy leaves no one in any doubt about her feelings; much of the time, she keeps everyone entertained with a running monologue of whatever is going through her mind, however she feels about it, and what she intends to do or say about it. She climbs into an Uber (or what she thinks is one) and regales the poor man driving with all the messy details of her breakup, then spends weeks being upset about it and refusing to shower, get out of bed, or venture forth from her room. Lucy gives some guys too many chances, and others not enough, but has good self esteem (“If you knew me, you’d be obsessed with me”) and a huge sense of relief when she finds out other people also keep stuff from their exes. She sees it as an opportunity to bring people together, to all mourn loves lost together, and to connect to others through social media. Being followed on Instagram is a huge deal for her, since it means she’s making an impact. She welcomes any and all donations, treats them with respects, asks them to share their story on camera, and starts collecting donations to help Nick pay for his hotel. Lucy isn’t above telling white lies when it suits her to impress her ex, though Nick first came up with it. She cares a lot about what other people think, but is also straightforward in how she talks to them. Her friends accuse her of living in the past, and it’s true – she’s hanging onto all kinds of objects related to her dozens of ex-friends and ex-boyfriends, out of a fear that she might forget them unless she’s able to see their stuff all the time. She has no ability to discriminate between what’s sentimentally useful and what isn’t, so she keeps it all. This stems from her feeling lost and disconnected from her mother, who can’t remember who she is half the time. She used that heartbreak to connect to other people. Lucy is good working with her hands, but even better at seeing what objects could become – their potential. She takes Nick through the streets on weekends (it’s the end of the month, leases are up, and people are leaving good stuff around for people to take) collecting old stuff and refurbishing it for their hotel. She has a whacky sense of humor and a witty way of speaking. Lucy throws in silly metaphors and sometimes insulting ones, comparing those around her to whatever their trope is—she calls an obnoxious girl at work “Harvard” because she drops her school into most conversations, and later calls her “Judge Judy.” She uses her connections to help Nick, but never once questions her hoarding. His observations about her relationships and how she clings to old junk, subtly self-sabotaging her current relationships in the process, force her to admit he’s right. She has never introspected about why she does these things, needs these objects, and can’t let them go until she finds a relationship that actually satisfies her. She can be harsh and critical at times, such as when she claims Nick has known her from the start, but has kept things from her.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Lucy falls in and out of love all the time, and has a mountain of stuff to show for it, but she uses those things to connect to other broken people. She brings them together, encourages them to share their stories, gets super excited to be promoted in magazines and online, and has a lot riding on her reputation. Being dumped and fired on the same night (because admittedly she got drunk and made a fool of herself at an art gallery opening) sends her into a depressive spiral, but she bounces right back out of it once she realizes she can help Nick with his place! She is outgoing, opinionated, and self-confident. Lucy assumes no on will ever dump her, provided she pleases them in all the right ways (and she has that in the bag!). She can be invasive in how she marches into Nick’s life and takes it over, and has a hot temper.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.