Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Nick is a very private person who has a lot of trouble communicating his feelings, unlike Lucy. He tells her as much, that it’s not as easy for him to share his emotions like she does. Instead, he does things for people to show them he cares, or makes grand gestures – like naming his dream hotel after the girl who breaks his heart, then finding it too expensive later to change it, until he gives Lucy the present of having named it after her Broken Hearts collection, in the form of a neon sign, the night of her gala ball. Though annoyed with her when they first meet, and having had a rough day too, he drives her home anyway, and likes her well enough that he leaves his own map on her Broken Hearts Gallery wall. Though it doesn’t fit his plans for the motel, he gradually lets her into his heart and his physical space, by allowing her to keep her “amassed hoarding junk” there. Nick is physical. He not only has planned his hotel, he’s doing all of the manual labor himself. He’s spent four years of his life and every sent on his dream, but can fit everything he owns into a backpack. (If the zombie apocalypse happens, he’s good to go.) Nick doesn’t look back, only forward, and can’t figure out why Lucy keeps crap around from all of her exes. He accurately senses that she’s living in the past, in the expectation that her current relationship isn’t going to work out. Telling her this allows her to accept that he has a point and eventually let go of the need to horde things belonging to her exes. Though an all-around nice guy (and a tin bit of a snob when it comes to other motels), Nick becomes a little mean under pressure. When the bank turns down his loan application, he angrily tells Lucy that he’s gotten distracted by her being around, but not anymore. She needs to get her crap out of his hotel! He doesn’t realize where the money came from that financed his loan until his best friend confesses that Lucy got it for him.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Nick knows what he wants and determinedly plugs away at it day after day, hoping his efforts will pay off in the end, without being super connected to the outside world. He doesn’t want everyone to know about his hotel until it’s ready to open, is incredulous that Lucy keeps finding people to donate “junk,” and yet… lets her fill the place up with her stuff, tolerates all of her nonsense, and gets to liking her. A lot. Though initially angry when a drunk Lucy mistakes him for an Uber driver, he still drives her home once he finds out she just got dumped. On the way there, he becomes rather fond of her absurd comments. He also makes various remarks about her relationship not being great, but doesn’t push his opinions. When her ex turns up on her doorstep and begs for a second chance, rather than fight for her, and tell her that he loves her, Nick goes away without saying anything. He can’t even admit he brought the cake because he likes her. He just… shuts her out, passive-aggressively returns to work, and never says a word. Occasionally, his temper flares up and he lashes out at people, but on the whole he’s very diligent, apologetic for not being able to pay his friends what they deserve to earn, and easily touched.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.