Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Thomas is a pretty quiet, self-contained man, who doesn’t see the point of talking unless he deems it necessary, and only opens up about his life when drunk out of his mind. He initially refuses to drink, even though Wake asks him to, because it’s “against regulations.” He pours out his own cup, instead of drinking the alcohol his boss gave him, as a silent sign of defiance. Though he endures a great deal, later, in a drunken rant, he unleashes a torrent of moralistic judgments against Wake, including “you ain’t even human no more!” Thomas mostly just focuses on working, day in and day out, though his solutions aren’t always practical or even safe—after he has spent an hour and much labor hauling a barrel of lighter fluid up the steps, Wake calls him a damn fool, and tells him just to bring up a small amount next time; in the meantime, take it back downstairs. He continues hard work all day long while Wake sleeps, taking care of the cistern, bringing in coal to fuel their fire, and resenting the fact that Wake won’t let him go near the actual lighthouse. He’s carnal, and all of his mermaid fantasies have an intense sexual element. He gives in to all his base desires over time, from pleasuring himself to an over-excess of drinking, to murdering Wake. Thomas has a fanatical obsession with mermaids, inspired by a carving he found stuffed into his mattress. This leads him deeper and deeper into a total conviction that Wake is keeping things from him, forbidding him from seeing the magical lighthouse, and he loses touch with reality in the process. Each fantasy he has revolves around his mermaid. He says he never looks back, he just starts afresh. His inferior Te comes out strongly when drunk and under stress – he loses it, and unleashes a verbal tirade on Wake, pointing out every single thing he hates about him, including him being a drunken, lazy slob. He calls his endless stories horse s**t. The reason he assumed a new identity was fully rational – his old one wouldn’t get him work, and a new one would.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Thomas puts up with a hell of a lot before he snaps. Even though Wake has left him with the lion’s share of the hard manual labor, he does it without complaint. Day after day, he puts his head down and does his chores. He doesn’t fight back at first against Wake’s abuse, and sort of ignores him most of the time, while deeply resenting the fact that he’s being taken advantage of and treated like a “fishwife.” But whenever his temper erupts, it’s explosive and dangerous. He beats a gull to death because it annoys and attacks him, despite Wake telling him that’s bad luck. He goes off on furious tirades and throws tantrums. He breaks things, attacks Wade, and is violent toward him. He presumably killed another man in a murderous rage and then stole his identity. His guilty conscience is hounding him, but he refuses to listen to it, or admit up to it. He wavers between passive-aggression and over-asserting himself.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.