Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Wake is a weird man who speaks in almost incomprehensible riddles most of the time. He’s forever talking in high abstractions that are hard for Thomas to follow or understand. Nonsensical ramblings about the sea, about sea gods, about myths, about the olden days he was a sailor, about superstitious “nonsense” that Thomas finds tiresome after a while. He loves to talk, but not do much of anything – he spends all night staring into the lighthouse light, fascinated with it, worshipping it, thinking of it as a “better wife than any woman I ever met,” then spends his days sleeping, farting, and drinking. Wake is blunt and mostly unconcerned with Thomas’ feelings. He asks him if he’s an idiot, and says he’s gone a fair way to proving it. When Thomas refuses a toast, he figures a “man has a reason for whatever he does.” There’s no proof for any of his superstitions, but he believes in them all and even calls down a curse upon Thomas when the young man angers him. He says it’s all Thomas’ fault, the misfortunes that have befallen them, for killing that damn gull after being told not to. Wake gets off on ordering Thomas around and leaving most of the hard work to him, while he kicks back his heels. But he loves to talk. Endlessly. He wants dinner to be a pleasant experience where they gab as men and drink together; he doesn’t like Thomas refusing to drink, and goads him to do it. He eventually succeeds in this. He often goads his companion and tries to get his goat, even trying to gaslight him at one point by insisting HE broke up the lifeboat with an ax, and was chasing Wake around, instead of the reverse. He moralizes at him at times, manipulates him emotionally, appeals to his feelings (“ye have a way with words, Tommy!”) and accuses him of lying to himself, but “you are an open book to me.” He taunts him at times, hoping for a reaction. He’s offended when Thomas doesn’t like his food. Wake waxes nostalgic about his past on a few occasions, but mostly over-indulges himself.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Wake loves to push his assistants’ buttons to see what they are made of, even when it’s not completely advisable. When Thomas goes off on him, and threatens him with violence, Wake challenges him and tells him he’s lying to himself. He asks him what he’s gonna do about it, kill him? He doesn’t care. He’s not afraid. He taunts him even though he knows he’s dangerous and has killed a man, just like he spends the entire film dominating their relationship and the island, forcing Thomas to do all the hard work while he lays around, and pushing him to violate his principles, because Wake doesn’t figure he needs to keep those. He’s engaged in a power play from day one. But he also has a lazy, indolent, and passive side, where he just ignores threats, doesn’t react to being baited, calmly listens to accusations, and denies he has had any role in Thomas going mad. When Thomas goes off on him, Wake just shrugs and says he has a point, then tells him to get back to work.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.