Truth be told, this Batman doesn’t have much screen time, or much personality – but his primary addition to the film relies on his ability to read between the lines, even if he’s not right all the time. When Penguin presents himself to the public for rehabilitation, and pretends to have a change of heart and want to gain acceptance, Bruce doesn’t believe it. Against Alfred’s wishes, he insists on ‘seeing the bad’ in Penguin and sets out to prove it, by doing research on him in an attempt to figure out what he’s actually up to; he doesn’t accept the surface value of his actions and good deeds, and instead digs into them. He says “I think he knows who his parents are—there’s something else behind it.” He wants to find out what his angle is. He also believes Penguin is a crime boss, “I just can’t prove it.” Cleverly, while he fights Penguin in bodily combat (not always well), Bruce also hacks into his video feed, shuts off his audio at a massive speech, and plays back recordings of threats he made against the public, sneering at how easily led and influenced they are, and including threats of violence. He speaks to Catwoman in symbolic terms, telling her they are the same person “split down the middle.” He sees potential in her where others might not, how she could be a good kitty, and offers her that chance at redemption by inviting her to come live with him in the mansion. Bruce uses all kinds of gadgets to help him fight crime, including his Batmobile. He doesn’t go out of his way to taunt his enemies, so much as stop their nefarious schemes. He’s extremely private and rarely shows his emotions, although he does form an intense attachment to Catwoman, and also have sympathy for her true self, Selena Kyle. He’s not afraid to stand up to Max Shreck or accuse him of underhanded dealings, and takes a moral stance on his bad behaviors. Bruce shows low Se under stress—throwing himself into action, but not always coming out on top, almost getting killed by Catwoman due to her tricks, and also almost falling into bed with her through an intense make-out session in the mansion with Selena. He impulsively asks Catwoman to give up her life of crime and move in with him.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx

Bruce is an intensely private man who tells no one anything about his true thoughts. He keeps to himself, is rarely seen in public, and only adopted the persona of Batman to do what he believes is right, and fight crime for the innocent citizens of Gotham. He’s suspicious of other people’s motives and doesn’t trust them to have good intentions, so he keeps them at an arm’s length. But he also has a warmer side. Bruce is easily able to make people like him through humor and off the cuff remarks. He wants to see the best in Selena/Catwoman, even if she gives him reason to believe otherwise. He’s cautious not to put himself at too much risk, even though he’s also determined to prevent Penguin from harming innocent men, women, and children.