Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Penguin is aggressive and opportunistic. He has lived in the sewer for years while amassing an army of both penguins and circus freaks. He busts in on Max Shreck’s Christmas speech using machine gun fire, after delivering an enormous gift-wrapped package to the town square, and then personally kidnaps Shreck and drags him down to his lair. There, he confronts him angrily with the fact that “we are the same, we are both perceived as monsters… but you are respected, I am not.” It bothers him that nobody feels impressed by him and wants him, so he uses blackmail to convince Shreck to introduce him to society, so he can win them over. He kidnaps a baby and then ‘rescues it,’ so he can make a grand entrance and impress everyone with his pure heart. Sells them a fake story about finding out his true parentage in the hope of reuniting with his folks, and puts on a fake show of forgiving them and mourning at their graves. In reality, he just wants access to the city records so he can write down the firstborns’ names and kidnap them all, to pay back Gotham for not caring about him. His parents throw him away? He’ll drown all the firstborns he can get his hands on! Penguin laughs about how easy it is to manipulate people emotionally, scoffing at them behind the scenes. He makes desperate attempts to appeal to them, while not really caring about them in any way. His sexual overtures to Catwoman are exaggerated and provocative, but he’s also frustrated and angry when she rejects him. He will use whatever leverage he has to maintain control over the situation, including threatening to kill people (and her beloved cat), hacking into Bruce’s Batmobile and taking control over it to ruin his reputation, etc. He’s easily convinced to abandon his initial scheme in search of power, glory, and money, when Max puts him up to running as the mayor, but then later says he won’t let anything else take him ‘off track.’ He has that one thing he wants, his grand scheme involving the first sons of Gotham, and he refuses to let anything stand in his way. But he is not a true visionary.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Penguin is all about maintaining power over other people and using whatever method he has to, to get it. He has an unabashed and unapologetic carnality; the instant he sees Catwoman, he starts having sexual fantasies about her, with the expectation that she will give in to him. He has a terrible temper and sadistic proclivities, such as when he makes a joke about being hideous, but at least his nose isn’t bleeding, and then almost bites the man’s nose clean off. He often makes references to “sh*t” in some form. He has a terrible temper, and often goes off on people who disappoint him, while asserting himself as a ‘genuine freak.’ Penguin has an overall persona of enjoying the chaos he wreaks, finding perverse humor in it, and in wanting to ‘have fun’ – it’s just that his version of fun includes killing babies, mowing down innocent people, being angry about picking the ‘cute’ umbrella instead of the machine gun one, and threatening cats when Catwoman tries to eat his pet bird.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.