Catwoman starts out as Selena Kyle, an abused ISFJ who tries to impress her boss with how smart she is (after she forgets to send his speech with him and almost gets fired over it) and winds up being shoved out a window. She has lived the same life every day, coming home, resenting the fact that she has no lover, and feeding her cat. But after she dies and wakes up Catwoman, that all changes. In a frenzy, she tears apart her apartment, destroys most of her clothes, creates a snazzy leather cat suit, gives it claws, and sets out into Gotham to have fun by creating chaos, devastation, and a little hell. She breaks into stores and snaps the heads off the mannequins, threatens the security guards, and seeks an alliance with Penguin against Batman. She bodily tangles with him several times, both in a genuine desire to rip his head off, and also fraught with sexual tension and behaviors. (She licks him, and behaves suggestively toward him.) Catwoman leads on Penguin, allowing him to think he has a chance, and then spurning him, but feeding him enough tantalizing behaviors for him to salivate after her and go along with some of her schemes. In her identity as Selena, she quickly falls for Bruce and starts passionately kissing him in the mansion, and only goes home that night because she doesn’t want him to discover the scars Batman gave her in their rooftop battle. She likes to taunt her enemies and make fools out of them, but has no real plan for what she intends, other than to live in the moment.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/sp

Catwoman just wants to raise a little hell and have a good time. She doesn’t see the point in denying herself anything and goes after whatever she wants, without feeling guilty about it. She embraces her newfound power as a woman, and uses it to protect the occasional helpless girl, but also tells them off for being a wimp. She plays with people, treating them as a source of amusement and entertainment. Catwoman doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior, and even Bruce can’t convince her to give up on her immense desire to kill Max, the man who shoved her out a window for discovering his nefarious aims. She’s willing to die for this, if she must, and has total faith that she has nine lives altogether, like her cats. She is easily bored, and seeks constant stimulation, but also has an aggressive, hedonistic, dangerous side that shows in her ferocious temper.