Shreck is a successful businessman who has built an empire that has made him millions, even if he has to cut corners to do it. He thinks in terms of bottom lines and financial investments. When Penguin kidnaps him, at first Shreck refuses to listen to him. Penguin threatens to blackmail him by showing people the sludge his factories has been dumping in the river, and Shreck retorts that he has plausible deniability. When he sees Penguin isn’t about to give up, he then takes a businessman’s approach and asks him what they can do for each other. Seeing the potential to unseat the mayor, he then gets it into his head that he can turn Penguin into the new mayer, and thus control him. Shreck is forever looking for an advantage that makes sense in terms of a bottom line; he thinks he can either negotiate what he wants successfully or … just get rid of the problem. When his secretary, who is a tremendous disappointment to him most of the time, stumbles across his larger, concealed scheme, Shreck just shoves her out a window. Problem solved. Or so he thought. He has a grand vision for what he wants, but also sees the immediate potential in a lot of situations. He makes impulsive decisions, such as murdering Selena, and then attempting to get on her good side when she, miraculously, shows up in his office. (He quickly covers for them both, by insisting she went on a skiing trip and he hopes she had a good time.) Shreck is somewhat callous about people whom he has no personal affection for, but is fiercely protective over his son. He bargains himself for his boy, when Penguin wants to kidnap him, convincing him “it’s me you really want anyway,” even though he knows he might die. He loves his son enough (and feels sure enough of himself to talk his way out of it) to risk his life for him.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Shreck is a bold, unapologetic businessman who isn’t fazed by Penguin’s outrageous and inappropriate behavior, so much as he assumes he can turn it around to his advantage somehow. He has a bad temper, but also is aware of just how much he can get away with, because he’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time. He remains calm even in intense situations and convinced he can gain the upper hand. But he doesn’t suffer fools well, fires people at random for their general incompetence, and refuses to admit he’s done anything wrong. Ever. Even though he’s cheating people and dumping sludge from his factories in their water system. Shreck’s 7 wing shows in his outrageous sense of humor, his unfailing optimism, and his somewhat delusional belief he can turn Penguin into the mayor, despite his awful behaviors, horrific appearance, and the fact that he eats raw fish in front of people. That’s a tad bit… idealistic. He doesn’t pay much attention to the bad things; he simply doesn’t think about them or dwell on them, in favor of his more exciting schemes.