Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Arthur has the typical Te-dom mindset of believing anyone can achieve anything with enough hard work and willingness to see the job through, which leads him to assume that his employees could just grit their teeth and work a little harder and/or find gainful employment if they are loyal and true. He gives Eva several chances to play the game, assuming he can pay her off by raising her wages and giving her a more powerful role in the factory, and doesn’t realize her Fe approach to life (we all deserve more) won’t allow her to accept that job at the cost of her friends’ pay raises. He sees his daughter’s engagement as a means of expanding their family empire and uniting two families, rather than as a love match, and toasts the end of a rivalry between two businesses rather than a marriage. He is concerned with what is time-honored and traditional in what he values—a potential knighthood, for example. The Inspector also has to force him to consider the big picture of how his actions impacted Eva and sent her down a bad path. In typical inferior Fi fashion, he becomes defensive about his feelings, insistent on that he did nothing wrong, and doesn’t want to dwell long in his guilt. Instead, he challenges the inspector’s right to judge him.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Arthur is all about how things look, rather than if they are good or moral or not; he talks about the impact on their family image more than anything else, focusing on how these discoveries might impact his knighthood and their reputation. He tries to use “do you know who I am?” to threaten the inspector to keep his mouth shut (the inspector doesn’t care about his status or money, which offends and insults him). He thinks about damage control and how to make this go away, but also shows the unhealthy 3 tendency to refuse to admit anything is his fault, to brush it aside rather than dwell on it, and to use underhanded tactics and shortcuts to get what he wants—such as trying to stop a strike by bribing the woman behind it. His 2 wing thinks of itself as a benevolent and generous person for allowing her several chances to fall in line, and through their family’s philanthropic work.