Paddington: Henry Brown [ISTJ 6w5]

Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Henry has a very technical job that involves doing risk analysis for a living, and does not enjoy having a bear turn up out of nowhere and threaten the safety and security of his home. He initially does not want to bring Paddington home and resists the idea of letting him stay more than one night, then is quite distraught when Paddington destroys their bathroom with his ineptitude. He argues that the bear is a liability and a danger to their children and an expense and doesn’t want to hold onto him, but then realizes once Paddington has disappeared that he cares after all. Henry is always the pragmatic one, who points out the problems in whatever hair-brained things his wife and children propose. He has the foresight to up their home owner’s insurance to include their new guest, before Paddington wreaks havoc in their home. He also doesn’t believe his wife’s intuition when she claims people are up to things and responsible for nefarious schemes all over London; he wants proof first, and seeks out to help her find it by breaking into Phoenix’s home. Though factual and inclined to point out the truth, Henry also cares more about Paddington than he is willing to let on, after a certain point, and goes out of his way to be useful to him, help him find out the truth about the explorer (even if it means adopting a ridiculous disguise and posing as a cleaning woman), and provides a home for him. Henry was more “riotous” as a young man, a free-wheeling hippie who assured his new wife that nothing would change once they got the baby, but then abandoned his whimsical attitude and bought a car and ditched the bike, as is typical of an inferior Ne who has put aside “childish whims” for practical things and raising a family.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Safety first, that is Henry’s motto. The nurse needed to be careful with his kids, he calls up the insurance company “just in case” he needs to up his coverage while he has a bear, of all things, staying in his home (and it’s a good thing he did). His children call him “boring” because he is so focused on making sure everyone is safe and doesn’t get hurt. Henry is skeptical of anything he cannot prove, has his doubts about letting strangers into their lives, not especially fond of his crank neighbor, and does not trust Paddington at first. He can be a bit curmudgeonly, but also can be persuaded to take care of the bear, do what is in his best interest, and show courage in confronting the bad guys. He goes on to break the law, undergo a disguise, and do what he can to keep his family unit together.