A Little Chaos: Andre Le Notre [ISTJ 1w2]

Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Andre is the king’s designer for the palace gardens, a job he takes most seriously as he meticulously comes up with designs drawn off what has historically worked and appealed to the king in the past. Sabine’s designs interest them because she doesn’t over-plan them, even if at first he dismisses her offhand for not respecting all the traditional designs he holds dear. He appoints her to construct the outdoor ballroom and gradually falls in love with her over the process, as they spend time together and he comes to respect her designs. She loves to let things grow wild and free whereas he is all about structure and keeping things in alignment. He makes more rational decisions than she does, is more critical of her work, and more aware of the potential consequences if he fails (the king will no doubt imprison him out of public disapproval, and his career would be toast in an instant). Andre has long since fallen out of his wife, who is a serial philanderer, and when she objects to his growing affection for Sabine, he reminds her of an agreement she held him to upon their marriage, which is that both of them are free to pursue others when they grow tired of each other. She has done that, so why should he not? Andre tells Sabine not to hold herself responsible for the death of her daughter and husband, that she needs to forgive herself, accept what has happened, and move forward. He has no interest in what his wife thinks about him, but does admire Sabine for speaking up for the king’s mistress in public. He doesn’t show much interest in deviating from the norm, but when the king questions Sabine’s ambitious project, he urges him to give her a chance, since she might bring them into the future.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sx

Andre is all about rigidity and keeping things in line; he doesn’t understand why Sabine would want to introduce “chaos” into a space when you could have order instead. His process is much more linear and studied, and he has a great many frank opinions about the right way to do things. He remains unmoved by his wife’s attempts to get his attention, since he knows very well that she has cheated on him; and when he finds out she sabotaged Sabine and ruined months of work, he gives her back the incriminating glove he found at the “crime scene” and tells her it’s over between them. Andre seems cold and standoffish at first, but warms up over time, and proves helpful to Sabine, interested in her emotional well being, and willing to comfort her when she needs him. He offers counsel whenever she’s out of her depth and helps her out of more than one awkward situation.