Damages: David Connor [ISFP 1w2]

Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

David cannot understand Ellen’s need to consider other people’s needs and factor in their reactions to her emotional responses; he tells her multiple times to make choices based on what she wants, and to do what is best for her, and isn’t afraid to offer her an ultimatum when he doesn’t agree with her actions—he asks her to choose between their upcoming marriage and “the job.” When a woman puts the moves on him, he flat out tells her that he is disinterested, not available, and in a relationship, effectively standing by his decision (but also feeling angry when Ellen tells him in no uncertain terms to “stay away from” her). He works nights and long hours in the medical profession and enjoys being hands-on with his patients. He sometimes reads things on a surface level, such as when he agrees to help a woman look over her grandfather’s medical equipment and figure out what to charge for it for resale, and in not assuming that she stole his keys and has been sneaking around their apartment, but also has hunches at times about Patty’s true motivations and reasons for hiring his fiancé. Under stress, David says hurtful things he does not mean, draws hard lines in the sand, and tries to force his fiancé to choose between him and the job that she loves—only to regret it and want to make amends when she has left him.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

David doesn’t mince words, and is frank in his assessment of people, pulling no punches in directly sharing his thoughts—he doesn’t like Patty and sees no reason to pretend otherwise, he rebuffs a woman’s attempts to seduce him and tells her to her face to stop calling him, that he is not available, etc. He is hard-working, self-disciplined, and loves what he does, but also objects morally to some of Patty’s more unscrupulous methods. Learning that Ellen believes Patty has used her to get to his sister and exploit the situation, David believes she should quit her job and advocates for her to sever all ties with the woman. He is generous with his time, helpful almost to a fault, and wants to feel needed, included, and loved, which means he is a bit too friendly with the wrong girl and winds up with a stalker who won’t leave him alone.