Katie is about to open a restaurant because catering an event in Florida, she got drunk with a handsome stranger, hit up all the bars in town, did some drugs, and then “sort of” saw someone she shouldn’t have, so Arthur Frobisher paid her off. She admits that she was a “wild child” with no sense of responsibility in her younger years—drinking, sleeping around, and doing drugs. Even as a more responsible adult, Katie is still living somewhat dangerously in the moment—she assumes she can get away with lying to Patty and deceiving her, not realizing she is being played, that she was set up, that Patty is monitoring who she talks to, and has greater intentions for her. She believes what Patty wants her to, about what happened to her beloved dog, and can be aggressive in confronting people—but also unwilling to forgive. She assumes Ellen was involved in hurting her and getting her reputation trashed, after she commits perjury and implicates the wrong man in a crime, and refuses to speak to her again – even going so far as to avoid going to her apartment, and waiting for her to leave before she takes an important tape upstairs to her brother. She appears to be a good businesswoman, competently setting up orders and preparing for her grand opening, and planning for her future, but she shows very poor futuristic awareness, both in her choices, and in recognizing what could happen to her as a result (going to jail for lying).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Katie wants to avoid pain, so she will also avoid people in the process—refusing to admit her role in wrongdoing, fudging the details to make herself look better, not admitting to her abortion or wanting other people to know about it, and seeking a “high” life full of pleasure that included a lot of over-indulgence in her younger years, and still involves drinking, drugs, and sleeping with a man she believes to be married, all while assuming she can get away with it. She can be confrontational, blunt, and assertive, but is also fearful and seeks allies the minute she thinks she’s in trouble. She runs off to Patty for protection and feels insecure and targeted when Patty infers she’s a liar and refuses to do anything to help her. Katie is suspicious after a certain point, and accuses Ellen of helping “humiliate her,” even though Ellen had no idea what was about to happen.