Arthur is an opportunist, who feels annoyed and frustrated by the endless legal entanglement surrounding Patty’s attempts to sue him on behalf of all the people he caused to go bankrupt when he engaged in insider trading. Much of the messes he finds himself in are of his own making, because he is opportunistic—to keep someone quiet, he paid her off by bankrolling her opening a restaurant; he orders hits on people, even if it goes against his better nature, to protect himself. He’s oblivious to his wife’s affair, while he conducts various affairs of his own—including having casual sex with the woman he hires to help him make it through the deposition without losing his cool. He finds and bribes someone to help skew the case in his direction, until he finds out that has criminal liabilities attached to it, and then he backs off—leaving the man angry, financially insecure, and unstable enough to shoot him. Arthur wants to get his life back, so he can do something new—build and develop a property he has just purchased. His assessments of others are sharp, but he rarely hesitates when it comes to getting what he wants. He’s detached enough in season two to work with Patty to take down someone else, even though she shredded him and took him for billions in the former season. He sees the rationality in taking decisive action, even if it is immoral (including bribing, threatening and killing people). His desire to be liked sometimes undermines his decisions; Arthur spends a great deal of time worrying about his reputation, what his ex-wife thinks about him, how his kids see him, and about making Patty back off before she damages his reputation further. He tends to spill his emotions to people, opening up and sharing with them even if they’re indirectly involved (he starts crying in front of a nurse at the hospital, talking about needing to see his kids). Even though he makes a lot of short-sighted decisions, Arthur is very worried about the kind of “legacy” he’s leaving behind. He’s a visionary, who decides what he wants and then tries to make it happen, but is not always futuristic-minded enough to avoid Patty’s traps.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Arthur is all about how things “look” to everyone else; he doesn’t want to settle rather than face a court trial, because he doesn’t want his kids to live with a legacy of shame surrounding his crimes… and he refuses to admit he did anything wrong. Arthur is very charming and persuasive, but also convinced that he is the wronged party and a benevolent man, rather than admitting to his more serious flaws. All anyone has to do to get him to back off or make a better offer is to threaten his reputation and image; when his wife leaves him right as the trial starts, Arthur is furious, because not only is it painful, it looks bad and leaves him without public support. His 2 wing is genuine in how he earnestly tries to help people—but he’s also getting something out of it (their cooperation or silence). He wants to do “good” with his money, and looks for ways to bolster his image in the press through acts of generosity and charity.