Patty runs one of New York’s most prestigious law firms. She only takes cases that she feels strongly about on an ethical level (Fi) and that she is certain she can win (Te). She runs her staff with efficiency, delegating, handing out responsibilities, and fighting for the highest possible return on her “time investment.” She has such a fierce negotiating method that half the other lawyers find her intimidating and/or don’t want to go up against her in court. She’s the master of filing motions, petitions, stays, and other legal tricks to get what she wants – and she’s ruthless. If you’re not doing your job well, you’re fired, because she doesn’t need anyone on her staff who isn’t giving 100%. Patty dislikes it when her lawyers strike out on their own, or take the initiative on a case where she assigned them elsewhere, because she enjoys being “in control.” Tom says she “goes on her gut,” and he’s right – Patty sizes people up immediately, senses their hidden potential, and hires them. She also has a long-term plan in the works no one else knows about; Ellen only realizes by degrees that hiring her was an effort to get to a secret witness. Patty’s ability to comprehend others’ hidden motives, weaknesses, and values, makes her able to manipulate them to get what she wants. When her son tries to play mind games with her, Patty offers him emancipation papers, knowing he’ll never leave her security net. She offers Frobisher a deal, fully intending to double-cross him while “paying off” a judge in the process. She is good at adaptation and thinking on her feet, although she hates to be blindsided by anything she didn’t plan for (Ni). Patty indulges in “food that is terrible for me” whenever her husband is away, because he is better at taking care of her health than she is; she often admits that she doesn’t get much sleep (“Maybe five hours a night for the last two years”), she’s not home as often as she should be, and eats junk rather than health food. Patty does enjoy her lavish office, her fabulous beach house, and her priceless suits. And she can react fast, to cover her tracks. Fis her weak point. She fears she’s not “a good mother.” She will open up occasionally to Ellen, but often her deepest emotions are hidden. No one knows about the child she miscarried. She’s angry that her son took her own nightmare and told it to people as his dream. Patty respects other people who do what they believe is right. Even though she fires Ellen for telling her, to her face, that she’s full of “bulls**t,” she tries to rehire her several times, because she’s a valuable employee (Te). Yet, Patty is unhealthy – she has a person’s pet murdered and frames Frobisher, so she’ll become a witness in the case against him. She plays mind games with people to manipulate them, and sew seeds of distrust between Tom and Ellen. And… she tries to have Ellen killed.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Patty can be quite charming and personable when she wants to be, to appeal to her clients—she puts on a “Fe-ish” persona in front of other people and before video cameras, to get them to trust and open up to her, but she is quite purpose-driven, goal-oriented, and a workaholic. She tells her staff not to bother going home, since they will be working straight through until they get the current situation resolved. She isn’t above cutting corners to get things done, and rationalizes her decisions to herself. Patty cares how things look to other people, and doesn’t like to be made to look bad; she fires Ellen after Ellen calls her out on her “bullshit.” Once she wins the Frobisher case, she sets up a public charitable organization to help homeless and starving people in NYC. Her 2 wing can be both outreaching and compassionate—she goes all out to do nice things for her staff, lends Ellen her car and her beach house for the weekend, finds her an apartment and negotiates a good price on her behalf, all in the name of being “helpful.” But she has no real interest in bonding with others and doesn’t know how to handle her son’s emotions, other than to take care of and provide for him.