Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Clarissa is a dancer who tries to connect to her grandmother through a trapeze class. She loves ballet and performing, but impulsively quits after her mother dies and decides to open a bakery in her memory – something she has never done. She has no experience with it, but doesn’t let that daunt her. She just feels sure they can succeed, and launches into action to make it happen. First, she talks her grandma into loaning them money, then brings her in as a partner. She watches the shop and peddles the food. Does research to find out what people like to eat. Test-eats a lot of the things Matthew cooks (and loves it all). She assumes Matthew is her father because of his obvious connection to her mother, but then doesn’t really care when the test results come back negative. She doesn’t take most things personally, but keeps her feelings hidden deep inside. She only cries in private. Her actions show how much her mother’s death devastate her, because she loses all interest in ballet. Stops doing what she loves. Devotes her life to her mother’s dream instead… and gradually, as she comes to terms with the loss, goes back to dancing, her first love. She has no real long term plan for her future, she merely lives in the present.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Clarissa is an optimist to the hilt who doesn’t see any reason to feel concerned about their lack of funds, the difficulties in opening a bakery, or a lack of customers. She cheerfully gives away goodies and finds it easy to talk to people and figure out what they need. She is optimistic and unconcerned with negativity most of the time, avoiding her feelings about her mom, not emotionally engaging much in the fact that her boyfriend has just kicked her out, and moving into her grandma’s house when things get rough. (Her only response to a boy kicking her out late at night is, “I have nowhere to go,” then she improvises and breaks into her mother’s empty bakery.) She never is “down” for very long, and bounces back from any setback quickly. But she does rely on her family and friends under stress, and seek companionship and safety among them.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.