Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Matthew believes he can cook anything you want. He’s a famous chef who has two stars behind his name, and thinks he can use that to get an “in” with people from his past. He doesn’t want to relive any of it, think about it, or talk about it, just to live in the moment, taking advantage of opportunities as they arrive. He winds up sleeping with Isabella after their first kiss, in an impulsive decision to seize the moment. He cares mostly about food and pleasure, and urges her to let her hair down, cook with him (as a way to bond), and have more fun. He doesn’t always show up to work on time, and doesn’t take criticism personally—instead, he sets out to convince people he’s the right person for the job by appealing to their taste buds. Matthew gets accused by Isabella of being a “pretentious womanizer.” He left a high-paying, successful restaurant position because he wanted “more creative control.” He says of his potential fathering of Clarissa that he was young and irresponsible. He also confesses to Isabella that he’s afraid a lot of the time, but covers it up with bravado and a mask. He hides behind a disguise of confidence, and does it better than she does. He has a cheerful, outgoing demeanor, is easily able to make others like and open up to him, and assumes Isabella doesn’t want to pursue their relationship out of a misguided loyalty to her dead friend. He is a bit obnoxious when she breaks up with him, by storming in on her date with someone else and making offhanded remarks about it—only to then confess his real feelings, and his admiration for her (any man would be lucky to have her). He doesn’t have a plan for his future.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Matthew is something of a nary-do-well, who floats around looking to keep life interesting, has a history of serial relationships that never led to a serious commitment, and who remains optimistic despite setbacks. Like Clarissa, he believes the best is going to happen to them. He tells Isabella to own her talent, and not live in Sarah’s shadow, and admits to her that he actually intended to ask her out on a date… until he met Sarah. She distracted him and he got involved with her, enough that he thinks he might be Clarissa’s father, but has never bothered to find out if that’s true until now. Presumably, he also didn’t think about paying any child support. He doesn’t like conflict, and backs off when Isabella gets angry with him, although he comes in later to explain his reasons to her for having that contract in his house.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.