Function Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Isabella is far more practical than Clarissa, who wants to open a bakery like her mother wanted on a whim. When Sarah dies with her dream unfulfilled, Isabella fears she can’t do it alone. She’s lost her baker, the “best chef in the entire world,” and assumes no one can replace her. She finds it hard to accept that the company won’t let her out of her lease and out of a loan because of her partner’s death, and angrily confronts them about this. She has to go “begging” to get her old job back, and feels a bit overwhelmed at the idea of going through with the bakery in Sarah’s absence. She assumes her talent is less than Sarah, because Sarah outshone her at cooking school, and got most of the male attention. At first, she doesn’t want to work with Matthew, because he’s a figure from her past—one of Sarah’s old flings, and she assumes he showed up to find out if he’s Clarissa’s dad. When she doesn’t know something, Isabella does research on it to find out the details, then methodically sets about implementing them. She frequently confesses to feeling overwhelmed or out of her depth, and finds it hard to own her own talent. Matthew accuses of her being a tad bit too sensible, and says she needs to lighten up and have fun more often; she tells him they need to work, and be responsible. When she’s upset with him, she shuts him out of her life, but then confronts him with her feelings and asks him to leave her alone. Later, she forgives him once she understands the full circumstances of his perceived betrayal. She likes to keep her options open, rather than close herself off to them.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Isabella is sensible, down to earth, and sure of herself whenever she makes a business decision or tells someone to go away. She refuses to file a police report on a break in because it’s Sarah’s daughter, then tests her desire to open a bakery with common sense, and bluntly informs her that they need money—a lot of it. She hasn’t spoken to Sarah’s mother, Mimi, in a long time due to an estrangement between them, but confesses later it’s nice to be around her again. She looks on Matthew’s cavalier, womanizing ways with disapproval, and isn’t sure they should be working together, but also knows she needs him for the bakery to succeed. She’s hardworking, self-disciplined, and feels a lot of pressure to be responsible and get things done. She also is loving, caring, and willing to forgive others their mistakes. Isabella sometimes promises more than she can reasonably deliver, out of a desire to please their customers, and seeks love, even if she’s reluctant to accept any kind of praise. She demeans her own talent in comparison to others, but feels better about herself when she “owns” how good she is.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.