Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Mimi was once a trapeze artist, and since then she has not done much with her life. She lives in a little bubble of memories, surrounded by photographs of herself in her prime, and has all but given up on life… until her granddaughter pays her an unexpected visit. Much to Clarissa’s shock, her grandmother assumes she wants money and minces no words about it: “Are you going to tell me the reason for this visit, or are we going to battle through small talk?” She evaluates her opinion of her daughter through her own subjective experiences, and her blunt rationality. She thinks in terms of profits—how much work the bakery will require, the costs associated with it, the need to find and hire an excellent chef, and then frets about them losing money their first week because no one comes into the shop. Desperate to turn things around, she takes an idea the neighbor across the street inadvertently planted in her head and monetizes it—what if they catered to immigrants by providing them the kinds of treats they would get at home, and rebranded themselves as “a home away from home”? This is the ticket to their success, and she gladly rides it home. Mimi cares deeply for her family, but shows it more than she says it. She warms up to the man across the street and flirts with him, spends time with him, even reminiscences with him about her daughter’s favorite books. She also uses what resources she has, including trying out new recipes on her neighbor’s book club friends.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Mimi let her anger and unwillingness to compromise prevent her from speaking to her daughter for the last couple of years of her life, something she later regrets when her daughter dies in a bike accident just before Mimi could send a card asking to reconnect to her. She admits that her stubborn pride is to cause for this separation, because she saw the decision to open a bakery as absurd. She bluntly corrects a girl’s form at trapeze class, and then shows her a better method to do it, then thinks later she was probably rude and should feel bad about it. Mimi avoids her neighbors rather than be rude to their faces; she has no desire to connect to them, so she hides from them and politely assures them she’ll come to their book club, without any intention of doing it. She really blossoms once she works in the bakery, because it lets her connect to her warmer 2 wing. She starts thinking about how to help people and be appealing to them, by providing them what they need and want, and that helps them all achieve great success.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.