Alicia expresses her frustration with ‘boredom’ and isolation from the external world, and is delighted when a soldier brings ‘new experiences’ into the school. She wastes no time in being opportunistic, seeking him out, initiating romantic contact (kissing him awake, visiting him while the other girls are at prayer, welcoming him into her room for ‘experimentation’), and agreeing to the other girls’ plan to solve the problems he is creating within the school. Alicia is rather private with her personal feelings, but quite open with her thoughts; she does not bother to hide her opinions and pushes to keep the Confederate soldier around for her own curiosity. But when the school comes under a threat, she becomes much more aggressive and task-oriented. She also resorts to tactics she thinks will convince the others of her innocence (“he forced his way into my room!”), to no real effect, since she cannot read the others’ emotions very well. Alicia’s inferior Ni shows in her inability to think about the long-term consequences of her actions (what if she becomes pregnant, or loses her reputation, in a Victorian society that prioritizes female purity and ostracizes illegitimacy?).

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Alicia is very concerned with appearances, and doesn’t mind cutting corners to get what she wants—she immediately sets out to attract McBurney, but when she gets caught with him in her room, she immediately lies and denies it, stating what she wants the others to hear (he assaulted me) in order to protect her reputation. She is charming, seductive, and appealing, bored with her life and curious about the outside world, always a little bit distant from McBurney as an attraction style, but also dependent on impressing the other girls. She doesn’t go out of her way to be helpful to anyone, but instead focuses on being attractive, interesting, and appealing.