The Beguiled: Miss Martha [ISTJ 1w2]

Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Miss Martha is well aware of what’s happening in the outside world, and takes pains to isolate her girls from it and create a sense of comfort and stability despite external changes. She wants them to carry on as usual, while at the same time chafing under the isolation this imposes on them. Martha has a straightforward, no-nonsense, facts-based judgment and rationality for most of her decisions (except the emotional ones, where her personal feelings for McBurney cause her to keep him around longer). Miss Martha knows her own limitations and skills; she can be detached enough to make decisions to protect them all under pressure, but tends to show more interest in aggressive action than understanding his motives. She does not like McBurney’s “charm” (Fe resistance) and is distrustful of his attempts to beguile her. She shoots him down when he tries to tell her how she feels about anything, and keeps her personal feelings mostly to herself. She is quiet proper, but also yearns for “more” – so she allows McBurney to stay longer than he should, out of a lower Ne craving for “newness” (inside the confines of what is familiar). She has a tendency to leap to the worst possible conclusion under stress; she fears he may harm them all, she insists on taking his leg so it won’t go gangrene and kill him, and then SPOILER in killing him with mushrooms because she fears the threat to all their lives if he lives /SPOILER.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Miss Martha believes in doing what is morally correct, and in demanding appropriate behavior from others. She refuses to let the girls associate with the stranger at first, out of concern for their moral corruption, and attempts to impose rules on them to keep them in line, but his presence is so disruptive, she can’t help but get swept up in it. Martha takes care of him because she feels it’s the right thing to do, then doesn’t want to hand him over to be killed, but also doesn’t want to disobey the law. She thinks quickly when he becomes violent and a threat, and takes desperate measures to protect the girls from his violent temper tantrums. She makes decisive decisions and doesn’t mind when others object to them, but also has a warm and comforting side, which acts as a stern but loving mother to the girls under her care.