Paid Request: For Keeps: Darcy Elliot Bobrucz [ISFP 6w5]

Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Darcy is a talented and emotional girl, but also shuts people out – a lot. Depressed after the birth of her child, she tells no one her feelings, instead just staring numbly at the television and zoning out, refusing to hold her daughter (she doesn’t want to or feel like it) until it becomes necessary and is her choice (she thinks there’s a prowler outside, and becomes protective over it). When she hears Stan gave up a scholarship to stay with her and the baby, she decides to give him that future without talking to him about it, and kicks him out of her house. She listens to him scream and beg her to talk to him without responding, and refuses to talk to him at her graduation. It’s only when he learns the truth and proposes again, and that he makes her feel safe and wanted by saying he got her a journalism scholarship, that she rushes back to him; and even then, they don’t really talk about her feelings much. Darcy takes things at face value most of the time, talking about her own life experiences, working wherever she can, and assuming Stan told her the truth when he confessed he didn’t get into the college he wanted. Once she finds out he did, she immediately calls to inquire if he can still go, but doesn’t know what to do beyond that. She’s stumped by the facts: they can’t go to college together, there’s no housing and she has no money – someone else has to solve that problem for her (inferior Te). She often becomes angry and blunt under stress, screaming at him to not make her look bad or shame her in front of her mother. Darcy is also a bit naïve in the sense that she assumes they can still find a way to pursue their chosen careers, and feels devastated to think this might be their life forever – stuck in a crap apartment taking care of a screaming kid, with no money and lousy jobs.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Darcy is something of a worrywart who looks to others for reassurances; she self-doubts and changes her mind, at first trying to rationalize her way through getting an abortion and finding herself unable to do it, no matter what direction she puts her mind. Later, she distances herself from her child, and admits maybe she could bond better if she could just “learn to understand her,” as if she’s coming at it from a cerebral place. Out of love, she cuts her husband out of her life and pushes him to attend school, clinging to her mom as a support system and admitting she needs a mom (support and guidance), not a “best friend” (peer). She frets about what to do, but doesn’t know which decision to make, so she postpones making them (hiding bills instead of paying them, knowing their checks will bounce, suggesting they ask their parents for financial help, etc). She’s rather detached, distant, and introverted, withdrawing from others a lot of the time, especially as she processes what happened. She comes up with a colorful metaphor about watching her life drain away as the baby was born. She’s easily spooked and calls the cops when she sees a prowler, in addition to bluffing that they’re on their way.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.