Paid Request: For Keeps: Stan Bobrucz [ESFJ 2w1]

Function Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Stan is upfront about his emotions and processes them instantly; he’s very forthcoming with praise, reassurance, and being there for the woman he loves. When she doubts whether they can do this, he says sure they can, thousands of people have done it before them, including their own parents. Stan is forthcoming with his feelings and not always wise about how he employs them; he tells off a customer (she’s hitting on him and trying to draw him away from his wife) and gets fired. Stan can also be somewhat petulant at times, including being angry at his wife and insisting on humiliating her in front of her mother by pretending he’s making violent love to her, despite her begging him to stop. He did it just to make them both uncomfortable. Stan tells anyone willing to listen about his love for Darcy, and tolerates a lot of her withdrawn moods. He manages to keep his cool around customers and tell them what they want to hear (yes, ma’am, I guess this is just a smaller half size than your foot, I’ll go find you a larger half size). He’s aware of what they’re sacrificing, but also becomes letdown by life when it doesn’t go anywhere. He feels like he let himself down by giving up his future to be responsible, get married, and have a kid at eighteen, but also doesn’t want anything more out of life. Knowing he can get into a good school, he advocates for his wife getting in on another scholarship as well, solving their problems. Stan doesn’t appear to think seriously about a lot of their trials, or question his own motivations or behaviors, so much as he gets upset and criticizes her for not being more responsible and paying the bills on time.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/sx

Stan is all about love. How much he adores Darcy. He’d rather give up his entire future to be with her and their child than go away to college. When she decides to keep the baby, she has his full support. He zeroes in on her, encouraging her, reassuring her, and taking care of their child when she’s super depressed and unable and unwilling to get up off the bed. But he’s also burning with resentment after a certain point, about having given up his entire life, his future, for… what? Living in his wife’s mother’s house, being forced to do whatever she says, and not being treated right. He gets angry and aggressive whenever he’s feeling let down (moving to 8), but always reverts back into begging, professions of love, etc. He wants to do the right thing, but also loses his temper a lot. He’s willing to stay home and “serve” … up to a point.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.