Oh simply wants to gain acceptance and connect with his peers, even if he’s not much good at it. He goes out of his way to talk to everyone, attempt to make friends with everyone, include everyone in his invitation to party (including, as it turns out, the entire universe, and later, on purpose). When he meets Tip in a store, and she scares him half to death, he promises to help her fix her car if she’ll take him with her. He wants somewhat traditional things—acceptance, friendship, to throw a mean “party,” but is also wildly bubbly, spontaneous, and creative. He sees cool things in the convenience store and wires them into her car’s remodel to create something new and fabulous. He’s curious about everything and asks questions about it, from his baffled reaction to her cat to finding it interesting that art could be pretty, and not food. Oh is very literal, but also interested in expanding his horizons. He has believed whatever his leader has told him, until he meets and experiences a human – she changes his mind, causing him to doubt everything he took for granted and assume his leader might be “bad” for lying to them all. Oh learns how to question things, and change his own beliefs, embrace courage (instead of running away, like every one of his race does), thus allowing him to set a good example and finding a way, in the end, to peacefully coexist with humans rather than taking their planet from them.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Oh is an optimist to the hilt, someone who despite multiple rejections from everyone he has ever met, chooses to see each day as wonderful and assume it’s going to be “the best day ever!” He has trouble admitting to the truth, that other creatures don’t like him and have no interest in attending his overblown parties, can’t deal with his enormous energy, and don’t want to be around his 60+ screw-ups. He wavers in-between extreme optimism and joy, even outfitting Tip’s car with a rainbow assortment of mechanics from a local convenience store (it fries hot dogs, spits out colored liquid, and burbs bubbles out its tailpipe)… and being just flat out terrified. Oh relies on other people to clean up his messes, and finds it hard to believe they can’t break his password (it’s “creative” – it’s an entire sentence). He runs away from a lot of his problems, but finds courage gradually to face them. Oh doesn’t want leadership and shies away from it, taking it only under duress – and turning around and immediately hurrying back to his friends, because he feels guilty for not keeping his promises. He clings to others for kinship and protection and genuinely comes to care about them, as well as question what he was always told about humans.