Planet earth’s entire population has been displaced and… Tip can only think of her personal loss. Her mom. Her quest to find her takes her on a wild journey with a little alien who can’t lie to her face, since his own turns green whenever he tells a falsehood. She comes to like him over time, and demands he keep his word and help her find her mom, but never really talks about what it feels like to be separated from her, or what it was like to experience seeing her sucked away into an alien ship. Tip tends to show her emotions through actions, even anger, rather than discuss them. She’s adaptable and creative, instantly reacting the first time she sees Oh. She knocks him into a freezer and bars the door with the nearest broom handle, then agrees to let him out only if he promises to fix her car. Though intimidated at first when she first flies it, she quickly gets the handle of it and loves it. Tip is quite talented at thinking fast and keeping them out of trouble, both in the sky and on land. She threatens to use alien tech if they won’t let her and Oh go, and then improvises her way out of the Eifel Tower turning upside-down. She snatches up Van Gough’s Starry Night painting before an alien can eat it, then keeps it to admire and says that art is meaningful for the emotion it creates inside you. She relies on her eyes when dealing with the alien, quickly figuring out that his different colors display his emotions, making him easy to read, but also her instincts about how trustworthy he is (not much at first). Tip can be incredibly bossy and blunt under pressure. She duct-tapes Oh to force him to keep his promise to help her, and screams at him that he’s not her friend when she finds out he’s trying to evacuate her and leave her mother behind.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 so/sp

Tip is appropriately cautious after she loses her mom (and every other human), but also hates to be alone. She admits that she’s not used to it and doesn’t like it, and it’s “wrong” for a “kid” to be on their own. She desperately wants to find and reconnect to her mom, and takes on dangerous adventures to do that, in the hope of finding her. Under pressure, she wants to find and reconnect to her family and what she’s lost, and goes so far as to adopt Oh as part of that, as a partner in proverbial crime. He gives her a sense of security, but also regularly triggers her anger issues. As he says, she’s “sad-mad” a lot. Her reaction is to channel fear into aggression and anger. When he jumps in the ocean and is gone for hours, even though she’s afraid Tip might be hurt or dead, she still loyally waits for him to return. She tells him not to try to stop the alien ship alone, and demands to go with him. She has a wild and fun side, is optimistic and cheerful, and enjoys teasing him and urging him to have fun by telling him jokes, introducing him to good music, etc.