Izzy is a lovely stereotype of an ENFP. She is absent-minded, playful, friendly, excitable, and open-minded. She has rejected her upbringing and the prejudices against the other breeds taught to her by her culture, remained sunny and outgoing despite the melancholy nature of her home turf, and naively set out to meet the Ponies by responding to a letter she received in childhood that begged her to visit (from Sunny). At home, she spends her time “uni-cycling,” by creating art from bits and pieces of trash found around the place. Izzy judges people based on their aura and loves the super bright ones. She’s highly creative, and doesn’t really care or notice what others think about her, or let their opinions taint hers. She’s a little wary of the Pegasi when they first meet, due to some of her fears, but quickly gets over that and embraces them as her friends. Izzy shows rather hilarious Te in that she bluntly states whatever she’s looking at, sometimes – such as when she wants to show them the woods are full of crystals and runs around, pointing to crystals and repeating the phrase. She also takes an obvious approach to getting across a destroyed bridge by just cutting down a tree with her horn, rather than over thinking it. Izzy shows lower Si in her love of taking familiar things and making them into something else – her house is full of her arts and crafts, friendship bracelets, and other things she has invented, improvised, and changed into something new.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Izzy has an extremely outgoing nature full of unbridled optimism. She even assumes when she reaches the Pony town that their precautions against her are all a fun game and they’re inviting her to participate in it. She welcomes everyone without prejudice, has a short attention span, looks for the bright side even when they’re stuck in jail (she comments that this is hardly a dungeon, as she enjoys relaxing in a plush chair) and yet… is also fearful at times. Izzy is willing to go anywhere and meet anyone, but also shows some caution and apprehension upon meeting potentially dangerous Pegasi.