None of the other Ponies have much screen time or character development (not enough to write up detailed profiles for them), so I’ll summarize them here.

Hitch Trailblazer [ESFJ 3w2 so/sp]

Hitch focuses on two things: what other Ponies are thinking about him, and doing his job right by meticulously keeping order in their small town (including preventing littering, his pet peeve). He is a little conceited and overly self-confident, often preening, perking up when others praise him, and feeling humiliated when he can’t do something they can do (such as failing to light a campfire, and then joining theirs reluctantly, but quickly perking up and making friends). He believes in going by the book and protecting what’s known, has a lot of inborn prejudices he must fight through to embrace others, and can be a bit arrogant. But he also genuinely wants to help Sunny, once he discovers the true worth of her mission.

Zipp Storm [ISFP]

It really bothers Zipp that she has to live a lie for the cameras and pretend to have the ability to fly, when it’s not true. She mentions several times that she feels uncomfortable with deceit, because it’s not her. She desperately wants adventures and to fly, so she breaks out her new friends and accompanies them on a journey to find and unite the crystals. She shows them her favorite place in the whole world, a dazzling room with a fan that lets her fly for minutes at a time. But she is rather quiet and mostly stays to the back of the group. I’m unsure of her Enneagram type. She doesn’t like upheaval in her life, and goes along with things to keep her mother happy, but isn’t adverse to causing disruptions when the situation requires it.

Pipp Petals [ESFP 3w2 so/sx]

Pipp has the least amount to do. She’s basically a ‘starlet’ stereotype, obsessed with the Pony version of Instagram and catering to her fans, while being separate from the other Ponies. She focuses a lot on appearances, is fashionable, and willing to go against her culture to assist them in finding and uniting the magical crystals (which she resents were taken from her mother). She pops in to see them initially just to get a photo to share on her social media feed (so she can earn likes and approvals from her many devoted fans).