Sunny spends all of her time and energy enthusiastically trying to convince everyone in town to share her and her father’s positive opinion of the other ‘races’ of ponies – the Pegasus and the Unicorns, while being singularly convinced not only that she can achieve this (despite multiple setbacks) but also that they are non-threatening, even though everyone has been taught for generations that they are. She isn’t content just to feel this way herself, she has to try and change those around her to reflect her values. Sunny is warm, personable, and extremely outgoing, welcoming Izzy the moment she meets her, and rushing to protect her from harm. She motivates the others that joins them, convinces Hitch to come along, and is the glowy, happy, bubbly proactive pony at the center of their adventures. She never considers she might be wrong in her estimations, and can over-estimate her own abilities (betting all her odds and the crown crystal they need to restore magic to all their races on a game, only to realize she might lose when the unicorn switches to a game of “higher stakes”). Sunny takes a lot of risks, both physically and in her beliefs, in the hope they will pay off, that she will achieve her dream (vision?) for pony-kind. She sees and focuses on the good in others even when they let her down. But she has gaps in her intuition; she sees how the crystals fit together, and leaps to the conclusion that it might restore magic, but doesn’t assume there’s a third crystal until much later. She loves to puzzle through things, and comes up with a long list of questions to ask Izzy about Unicorns, to determine the things she’s always been curious (can you do magic, can you really fry my brain with your horn?).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Sunny lives up to her name, a cheerful, optimistic girl who sees the best in everyone, but also “helps” them a great deal. She immediately sees Izzy as someone who needs her friendship and protection. Friendship is her entire focus, finding and meeting and connecting to people in a loving and embracing and encouraging way drives all her motivations. She assumes only she can repair the broken relationship, fit the crystal back together, and bring unity to the divided groups. In this way, she’s self-confident and a tad bit proud, but also successful in what she does. Sunny also believes in doing what’s right, in proving her father’s beliefs correct, and honoring his wishes. She can be a little moralistic at times in her desperate appeals for the ponies to listen to reason, open their minds, and be more tolerant.