Joel is an idealist who follows his heart. He has communicated with a girl from his life “before” the monsters came for months, talking to her over the airwaves and becoming convinced that she’s his soul mate. Without any proof that she feels the same way about him that he does about her, or thinking that she might have met anyone else, Joel comes up with a harebrained scheme to spend a week traveling on the surface to meet her. He packs his backpack and sets out, without any plan other than to get there, not knowing what’s on the surface or how to deal with it. This almost gets him killed on several occasions, as he finds it hard to adapt. Once he winds up with a couple of surface dwellers, he asks a lot of questions and fills in images in his book so that he has a guide for which creatures are dangerous and which aren’t. Their offhanded advice (you can tell if they want to kill you or not; it’s in their eyes) helps save his life, when he frees one monster, which then wreaks havoc on its abusers. Joel’s personal experiences help him to encourage others to make their way toward the mountains – “if I can survive, anybody can.” He becomes a motivator of other people to take risks, come out of their bunkers, and join up with other people, despite the monstrous insects now overrunning the earth. He becomes very blunt under stress, at one point screaming at his dog so much, the poor terrified animal runs away. He regrets it later, but the damage has been done. He tends to run off at the mouth and say things he doesn’t mean, sometimes hurting people in the process, though he always apologizes for it later.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sx

Joel is a walking contradiction, terrified of absolutely everything yet willing to brave the upper world to chase after the woman he loves. He tries to be cautious and keep track of the monsters he encounters, but also doesn’t believe in living his life underground once he realizes that if he can escape on the surface, “anybody can.” His upbeat sense of humor makes him liked by most people, but he’s also suspicious and cautious about those he doesn’t know. He immediately senses something “off” about the visitors to the beach camp, and his instincts prove correct when they’re revealed to be villains. He is reactive, funny, and over reactive, sometimes hysterical and at other times able to remain calm under pressure. Though fearful, he ventures out of his bunker and sets off on an idealistic mission, under-prepared but determined to succeed, because he doesn’t want to stay trapped in his current life and deprived of love.