Function Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Barbara just wants everyone to pay attention to her, remember her name, and notice her. She’s super quick to leap on chances to connect to people, and tries to immediately make friends with Diana, since she sees her as someone admirable, beautiful, and interesting. It hurts her a lot that nobody remembers hiring her, much less notices her until she starts taking on more of Diana’s attributes. It doesn’t bother her at all to adopt a persona and wear it, to become someone else, to abandon her old self, just to have people praise, flatter, and become romantically interested in her. She is happiest when she’s the center of attention, surrounded by admirers who laugh at whatever she says. She boasts a little of having been consulted by the FBI to find out what one particular stolen artifact is. Barbara is a talented researcher who doesn’t mind the nitty gritty digging she must do to find out the complicated histories of each object that comes through her office. She attends to the practical, physical needs of those around her (such as food for a homeless man) and is attentive to her job. She remembers everyone, even if they don’t remember her. She tests out her powers slowly, first by lifting barbells in the gym and then going for a run. Barbara becomes more and more addicted to her newfound sense of power; one she has experienced it, she doesn’t want to sacrifice it, and goes to great lengths to prevent Diana from destroying the person responsible for her transformation into a “powerful” woman. She says, “People like me have had nothing!” with the implication that others aren’t respecting the marginalized life she and others share who aren’t instantly beautiful or charismatic. Barbara doesn’t think much about the broader consequences of what’s going on, until she notices her own powers… then she connects Diana to Wonder Woman and assumes that she is stealing Diana’s powers (becoming superior to her). But she hasn’t noticed how much it has changed her for the worst until Diana mentions it – and then callously dismisses that as irrelevant, compared to how it makes her feel (good about herself). Showing that she doesn’t analyze much, either her own motivations or the situation around her, unless it’s for work-related research purposes.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Before Barbara changes her personality and becomes hard-edged (as Diana says, she loses her warmth, joy, and humanity), she is all about caring for other people – providing meals for a homeless man in the park, showing kindness on her walk in on the morning, and feeling quite upset at going unnoticed at work, because no one remembers her name or her face. She rather over-eagerly tries to connect to Diana, and to anyone who pays any attention to her, including Maxwell Lord. She becomes over-protective of him both because of their brief passionate kisses in her office, and because he’s given her what she always wanted – to erase herself and become “more like Diana.” Indeed, she borrows Diana’s personality for a time, and thrives the most when she’s surrounded by people who admire her for being lovely, talented, and interesting – and then she wants to become something even more special and unique, something never before seen and dangerous, as she falls into 8 disintegration. Barbara exhibits this strongly when she encounters her mugger, only to turn around, bully, and provoke him, before she kicks him mercilessly around the street and leaves him for dead. She ruthlessly acts against Diana to ensure she comes nowhere near Maxwell Lord (and thus cannot undo Barbara’s newfound power and strength). But ultimately, she chooses to renounce her wish and return to her former self, after being forced to ponder what she has become. Her 3 wing sees Diana as something she isn’t, and covets it – she becomes her, adapting to her, copying her, and living off her strength until she decides to become something even more spectacular to wow people.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.