Jenna is an easygoing guardian, who mostly lets the kids do their own thing. She admits doing the “wrong thing” a lot as a teenager, and tries to show Jeremy through sharing her experiences that casual sex, too much drinking, munching after a drug binge, etc., isn’t the responsible way to live. Jenna is good at thinking on her feet, and opportunistic; if she sees something she likes (Alaric), she doesn’t hesitate to introduce herself and go after it. She’s quick to take action when necessary, such as when she goes through Jeremy’s room for “druggie stuff,” after his “asshat teacher shamed [her] good.” She’s emotional but not sharing of her feelings, strong for her family, but also believes in allowing the kids to have independence and make most of their own decisions. Jenna gives them space to grow and mature, to process their parents’ deaths and deal with it. She never pushes them to talk outside their comfort zone, and sometimes offers comments about her former relationships and experiences, though she tends to internalize that more. “Come back here. SIT.” Once in awhile, Jenna pulls out the Mommy card, but complains that she never knew how her sister could do it, make parenting, and having kids, and handling life, so easily. She struggles to be on time, but isn’t afraid to lay down the law, tell people where their relationship stands, or take action to protect her family. She doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to the future, or the consequences of her actions, but under stress can see only one negative possibility (that Jeremy’s headed down a self-destructive path, and may never pull himself out of it) (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Jenna has a short attention span, a long list of boyfriends, and likes to have fun, but she also has to play the dutiful “mom replacement,” and she tries hard to do it. But, she’s not overly effective at it, because she mostly lets them do their own thing – until a teacher shames her into realizing this “whatever” style won’t work with Jeremy. Her 6 wing makes her want her family to like her, and to keep them together; she doesn’t easily trust people, but also isn’t overly afraid of them. She has a good head on her shoulders, and doesn’t let the wrong people in sometimes if she senses something is amiss with them. Once in a great while, she shifts into 1 and “comes down hard” on the kids for being irresponsible.