The Vampire Diaries: Alaric Saltzman [ISTJ 6w5]

Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Alaric spends years carefully gathering information in order to unearth Damon’s identity, to kill him after the loss of his wife. Alaric cannot get over her passing until he has answers and someone to blame for it. His perception of Damon is based on their former encounters, but with repeated exposure to him, he becomes reluctant allies and then close friends. He has a down to earth approach to everything, and is present in the moment and focused on what needs done. He tends to be a little traditional, in his Hunter methods and idea of family dynamics. He is all business, and not afraid to take charge of a situation; if he sees someone else about to make a mistake, he will intervene and take care of it for them (such as daggering Elijah). He wants proof and feels comfortable having a plan. Alaric doesn’t like to wing it, and is quite determined to bring down the vampire who killed his wife. He is good at remembering facts, figures, and history dates for his classes. For the most part, he makes the hard decisions that support rational and desired outcomes and doesn’t mind other people being unhappy about it. Alaric would rather drown his sorrows in a bottle of scotch at the bar than talk about what he is going through. He mourns in silence after losing Jenna, and forms a silent bond of kinship with Elena through that shared sadness. He’s not comfortable opening up, but also is able to offer his friends support when they need him, mostly by stepping in for them. Alaric actually is fine with people doing their own thing, for the most part. As he tells Damon, “Go get the girl.” His former knowledge of his wife’s vampire studies causes him to be very good at putting pieces together and forming connections. He sees the worth in certain things such as the Gilbert diaries before others do, and takes a broad interest in learning new techniques.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sx

Alaric doesn’t trust vampires, and for good reason: he thinks Damon killed his wife. Before he realizes that isn’t true, he has researched and armed himself with enough information about vampires to be extremely dangerous toward them. But he’s also good at identifying people who need help and rising to the occasion, forming groups to take care of the town, his students, Elena and her friends, anyone who needs it. Alaric trusts his sources and does his research, preferring to think and plan before he rushes headlong into a bad situation. He especially worries about the safety of his daughters and tries to ensure the school is protected from harm, but bears the burden of responsibility himself, often putting himself at risk rather than letting others do it.