Katharine has become adept at keeping herself safe, by taking the rational way out of a situation (becoming a vampire to avoid the Originals killing her, then using other people to separate her from Klaus, living a short time in places and then changing identities, making a home with the Salvatores and then abandoning them in case they become a liability, using werewolves to try and get the moonstone, then turning Catherine to use her as an informant). She tells Stefan that he would be a fool to think she doesn’t have backup plan upon backup plan; if one fails, she switches to another. She plans things out way in advance, knowing she might need allies later; Katharine knows how to manipulate and play other people (Damon, Stefan, Elijah) and has the discernment to escape the ones she cannot control (such as Klaus). She fixates on whatever she wants with a single-minded determination, refusing to let go of what she wants (switching tactics on her quest to get the moonstone, but always keeping that in her line of sight; her inability to let go of Stefan). She can be aggressive, reckless, and hedonistic, taking “too many risks” as her friend Pearl says, in her desire to exercise influence over the Salvatore brothers. Katharine over-indulges her lower Se by taking unnecessary risks – like staying in Mystic Falls while the Founders grow suspicious, or not walking away from Stefan when it becomes clear he will take her out even if it kills him. Her emotional awareness is so low, she is often out of touch with the depth of her feeling. She sneers that others have to turn off their humanity since she never had to do that to avoid doing whatever she has to, to survive. Katharine can be immature in her feelings – wanting to be the center of Stefan’s world, pitting him against Damon for her favor, and having little concern for either of them outside her own goals. She fixates on destroying Elena, and become very “whiny” under stress – as a human, when she comes down with the flu (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Katharine will not be controlled, dominated, or intimidated. She wants the power in the room and will take it by any means necessary. She’s rebellious, provocative, and seeks to “control” others through her manipulations. She looks down on others who allow emotion to control them, while being blind to the irrationality of her own emotional drives (it would be more sensible for her just to walk away from Stefan and Mystic Falls, rather than compete with Elena). Her 7 wing makes her adventurous, playful, and opportunistic; she quickly loses interest in other people and they “bore her” when they no longer stimulate her need for newness. But her 7 wing brings in an idealistic dreamer that cannot let go of Stefan, that confessed to Elijah in her youth that all she wanted from the world was to seek love and goodness. Since she has spent so much of her time running, Katharine has disintegrated into 5 behaviors: being self-protective, emotionally isolated, and ruthlessly logical.