“I try… so hard [to get people to like me], and they always pick [Elena]!” Caroline wants to be the center of attention, to be loved, admired, and respected. She doesn’t hesitate in airing her feelings whenever anything happens, or in lecturing other people to be kinder, more considerate, or care about innocent victims. Caroline’s ability to feel what other people feel enables her to overcome her bloodlust. She doesn’t mince words, though, when she believes someone is making the wrong choice; when Elena starts seeing Damon, Caroline voices numerous objections. She befriends and reassures Stefan, urging him to fight for Elena’s love. It’s hard for her to give up the past. Caroline hates change. She loathes it when she’s banned from Mystic Falls, and cannot celebrate all the old traditions. She is upset when too much changes all at once, or friendships fall apart. Caroline is good at participating in town events, in organizing all the details of parties and BBQ’s. She’s a natural at style and fashion. And, her own life experiences form her greater worldview. Because Damon personally abused, compelled, and used her as a sex and blood slave, Caroline has good reason for hating him, and warning Elena to stay away from him. She puts the pieces together and realizes Elena and Damon have a sire bond. She often correctly guesses people’s inner workings and intentions, but becomes frustrated when she cannot figure out what she wants. Too many options confuse her; when both Matt and Tyler are pursuing her romantically, Caroline can’t decide which boy is better and throws up her hands (“Everyone needs to stop kissing me!”). She’s open to new ideas, possibilities, and trying new things, but tends to be careful and somewhat pessimistic in negative situations. When Tyler’s wolf pack kidnaps and tortures her, Caroline keeps asking, “Why are you doing this to me?” She doesn’t understand, and she wants to! She’s an effective problem solver who doesn’t get stuck on facts, but also has a lot of trouble detaching enough from her feelings to decide what she truly wants. Too much self-analysis (“Why am I like this?”) makes her unhappy.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Caroline is competitive and hard-working. She wants to be the best at everything she does and aggressively competes for the Miss Mystic Falls competition. She also struggles to figure out her own emotions, because she is so used to focusing on appearances — she feels conflicted between two boys and has to separate herself from the situation in order to discern her true feelings. This shows the 3’s detachment of self, since she is so used to playing a role. Klaus attempts to get her to loosen up and explore more of her true self, but she resists and focuses instead on her priorities. She has a strong 2 wing, inclined to help her become whatever the situation needs, to succeed. She admits that she works “so hard” to make people love and admire her, and she’s jealous Elena does it without even trying. She’s competitive and needs to be in charge, but can also blast people when they get out of line and act aggressively in defense of her friends. She’s baffled when people don’t like her, but also insecure and inclined to react with aggression. Her compassion for and ability to care about other people enables her not to feed on them.