Functional Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Stefan has a strong sense of right and wrong, which often puts him at odds with Damon. He believes many of his brother’s decisions are amoral, and chooses not to associate with them, but also turns that ultra-critical nature on himself when it comes to his ripper tendencies. Stefan’s intensity of emotional self-responsibility and self-knowledge help him set boundaries for himself, since he knows best his own weaknesses. He’s devastated whenever his humanity switch comes back on and he sees the carnage of his behavior, but also withdrawn; he doesn’t easily open up to anyone about his feelings, and can harbor resentment for years. He even blames himself for everything Damon has done in his lifetime as a vampire, because he urged his brother to drink human blood in the first place. He’s compassionate, but connects strongest to those with whom he has common experiences (such as Caroline, in her desire to harm no one, and her fear when she first turns). Stefan has a habit of reading into things – both for good and ill; when it comes to his brother, Stefan often leaps to the wrong conclusion based on their former history together (Si), but he’s also good at picking up on unspoken truths, secret motivations, etc. Stefan will admit he isn’t sure exactly what is going on, or what this person wants from them, but he knows it’s something and intends to be prepared for it. He’s quite good at switching gears, giving up on one plan when it fails and moving on to another one, without needing much down time to process things. Ah, the past, the bane of Stefan’s existence. But more than the past, Stefan clings on to his own stubborn sensory perceptions of his brother, which means he assumes Damon will never change, that he’s selfish (even when he’s being the opposite), and that his motives are always bad – because they’ve been bad in the past. Stefan loops continually when it comes to his brother, his moralizing (Fi) connecting to “how this went down before” (Si), creating a widening gulf between them. He’s so haunted by his past, he struggles to move on from it in some ways, and returns to old girlfriends, traditions, even keeping journals in which to record his thoughts – a habit he never gives up. On occasion, Stefan can be a real hard-ass. He lays down the law, refuses to compromise, sets “rules” for himself and others, and tries to strong arm people. He can be brutally blunt with anyone he doesn’t like; he drops all pretenses and sense of politeness and “says it like it is.” Stefan sometimes comes up with “plans,” especially under stress; his actions are all oriented toward real-life impact and achieving something (inferior Te).

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/sx

Stefan is incredibly hard on himself and other people. He constantly references his need to do “the right thing,” and tries to push Damon toward self-betterment – but after a point, he loses hope for his brother and becomes judgmental instead, standing beside him out of duty more than love. Stefan is the moral rock others cling to, but can also be harsh in his attitudes. He can also descend into 4-ish behaviors (feeling isolated, unwanted, abandoned, and deeply emotional) when stressed. His 2 wing allows him to be forgiving of natural human errors, and to help Caroline see the good in herself even through her mistakes. He focuses on living the right life as an example to his brother, not just in perfecting himself.