Stefan has a strong tie to his own subjective experiences of being a vampire and of the past, and this creates both problems and solutions in his life. It can be problematic when it causes him to misread his brother and assume the worst of him (out of a belief that Damon cannot change), but also helps him to help Caroline find her humanity, so that she can avoid feeding on and killing innocent people. Stefan keeps hundreds of his old diaries, memories of the past, and feels reluctant to let go of them completely. Even as a Ripper, he tended to write down the names of his victims, as if to keep track of them. Stefan knows that in the past, he allowed himself to become a Ripper and so he studiously tries to avoid any kind of temptation in the present that could cause him to go off the rails. But much like Elena and Bonnie, Stefan is also willing to sacrifice himself for other people—he’s willing to die so Jenna can live (and reassures Elena in comforting tones that he has had a long life, it’s okay), he’s willing to turn into a Ripper so that Damon can live, etc. He is always trying to take care of other people and their feelings, to reach them through their humanity, to remind them of their moral obligation to other people. That’s a source of much contention at first with him and Damon. He often moralizes at his brother (and at others), but then goes along with their plans, showing that his own ethics can be flexible and dependent on the situation he finds himself in. ISFJs are good at adapting when they need to, and in comforting and caring for others—and ultimately, he wants what’s best for others, even if it means going against their own wishes (he refuses to let Damon kill himself, and insists they will find “another solution). He also shows a lot of lower intuition, in that he says he “knows” something is going on here, but he hasn’t figured out what yet. He also doesn’t figure out that Elena is Sired to Damon, until Caroline suggests it with her higher Ne. Stefan can sometimes be right or wrong in his assumptions, leaping to the wrong conclusion or offering a keen insight. He’s quite good at switching gears, giving up on one plan when it fails and moving on to another one.

Enneagram: 1w9 sx/so

Stefan is incredibly hard on himself and other people, and carries around a lot of guilt about his Ripper days and his previous carelessness and cruelty toward human beings. He urges others not to shut off their humanity and warns them that they will reap the consequences if they do, emotionally. He constantly references his need to do “the right thing,” and tries to push Damon toward self-betterment – but after a point, he loses hope for his brother and becomes judgmental instead, standing beside him out of duty more than love. But always wanting to do the right thing means standing by his brother when it counts, believing in his ability to reform himself, and refusing to back down on matters of moral principles. Stefan is quite upfront with his feelings and opinions (“Caroline… you and me, never going to happen,” he tells her when they first meet), because they come from a felt sense of doing right by himself. He never questions himself and thus can be quite scary when he goes dark. 1w9s are loftier in their principles than 1w2s and Stefan shows that in the hard lines he draws for people. He doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by them, so he keeps some of them at a distance. He’s also calm in how he interacts with others and tries to keep others from losing their temper or control over their vampire instincts. He can also descend into 4-ish behaviors (feeling isolated, unwanted, abandoned, and deeply emotional) when at his worst.