Paid Request: The Shop Around the Corner: Alfred Kralik [ISFJ 1w2]

Function Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Alfred relies a lot on personal experience and professionalism in his work. He says he’s been here nine years, long enough to know what his boss thinks before he even states it, so he can anticipate his moves. He is also down to earth and studious, remarking when he tries to sell Klara on the idea of a wallet instead of a music box, that a wallet is far more practical. When she doesn’t like that idea, he turns it around and casts it in a more romantic, if practical, light – a wallet is a personal thing to a man, and he keeps a photograph of the girl he loves in it, so it’s really a wonderful gift that will remind him of the giver! He wants a normal life, and is already thinking about preparing to get married, by asking for a raise, finding out how much homes in the area cost, and planning to host dinner parties (so he needs a three room apartment, for when he ‘entertains’). Alfred can be warm and accommodating, especially as a salesman; he tries to appeal to everyone who comes into the store and tell them what they want to hear. But he also adjusts his personality to those around him, being spiteful toward Klara in response to her meanness toward him. They bicker constantly, and he goes out of his way to annoy her whenever she hurts his feelings. He also turns that around and uses flattery to appeal to her, insisting that yes, what she said was mean, but it also sounds “like poetry.” He explains why his alter ego didn’t show up at the restaurant away by flattering himself (that very attractive young man you were sitting with), and on Christmas Eve, has great enjoyment in demolishing her illusions about her pen-pal by making callous remarks about him being older, pot-bellied, and mercenary, to make this imaginary person less in the hopes that she will fall into his arms—and it works. His arguments against purchasing the cigarette box are reasonably logical – it’s fake leather, it is cheap, and it will fall apart in a couple of weeks. But Alfred’s intuition is really poor. He doesn’t guess the real reason his boss has become cold toward him, he just wonders what happened, why he’s being mistreated, and tries to assert himself and demand an explanation.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Alfred has a quick temper and it’s not difficult to get a rise out of him. He has certain ways of doing things and doesn’t like slackers, cheats, or those who attempt to manipulate him to get what they want. Though his boss tells him to quietly fire the man seeing his wife behind his back, Alfred soon loses his temper with him and kicks him out, going so far as to shove him into a stack of musical cigarette boxes. Klara accuses him of being a little dictator who has very specific demands from those around him, and says he has stolen away her personality by forcing her to live under his arbitrary rules. His boss finds it hard to understand how Alfred can make up his mind about things “instantly,” when it takes him hours to figure out what he thinks. He’s principled, hard-working, modest, studious, and reliable, but also has a warm and generous heart, is helpful, and a tad bit manipulative. He plays mind games with Klara to get her to like him and grow disenchanted with her pen pal. He craves love, and tries to get it through being useful to those around him – which makes him angry and hurt when his boss treats him differently for no reason that Alfred can figure out.