Klara prides herself on being an intellectual full of deep thoughts; Alfred says she talks about more interesting things in her letters, and has a different perspective, than anyone he has ever met. She’s a full-blown romantic, easily insulted by criticisms and quarrelsome when pushed too far. Instead of waiting to hear Alfred out, she becomes insulted at any insinuation that he doesn’t like her wardrobe, and accuses him of trying to control her. She shares whatever she is thinking without a filter, causing her to insult him several times (sometimes intentionally, and at other times, without intending to). Klara doesn’t like to be managed or told what to do. She doesn’t have any interest in knowing any details about the man she’s writing to, because in her mind that’s wasteful of their words – she would rather discuss ideas. She sees romanticism where others don’t, and sells a woman on the idea of a musical cigarette box being a weight loss assistant (each time you reach for a piece of candy without thinking, the music will remind you of your over-indulgence!). Klara isn’t always rational in her thinking; she accuses Alfred of having ‘taken my personality away’ by forcing her to abide by the store roles, and sees him as condescending, because of how she feels about him. In reality, he’s much more than that, but she never guesses his true identity as the man she’s fallen in love with through letters, nor sees through his attempts to manipulate her emotions, because of her willful desire to misunderstand him. She models her life after her imagination and the books she has read, and can be quite tactless when she’s mad.

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Klara gets accused by Alfred of being “mean and spiteful,” and admits that she was indeed that way, because she felt attracted to him at the start. Not knowing how to cope with this, she modeled her behavior after a heroine she read about in a book, who was mean to the man she liked and it caused him to fall at her feet. Instead, it backfired on Klara and caused them to have nothing but arguments. She goes by what she feels most of the time, and gets wrapped up in it, including being unable to come to work when she doesn’t “feel well” (has had her heart broken), but the minute she has an explanation and feels loved again, she’s quite eager to return to work. Klara can be charming and approachable when she wants to be, appealing to Alfred in an attempt to charm him and get him to give her the night off so she can meet her penpal, although it backfires due to her natural bluntness (they start a fight). She gets romantically infatuated with a man she has never met, creates an imaginary scenario around him, and then feels devastated when Alfred crushes it, since reality isn’t quite what she imagined (though she’s happy to find out he lied to her about the whole thing). She’s a tad bit snobbish in how superior she sees her penpal to the man she works with and tries to impress him with her letter-lover’s intellect.