Captain Amelia looks at things in terms of their usefulness. When Jim proves himself on their journey, she immediately thinks about it in terms of a future career – not solar surfing around the galaxy, but sending him off to school to learn to be a proper captain. She is somewhat blunt, bossy, and dismissive, judging people harshly for their incompetence, calling them imbeciles to their face, and demeaning them as “ludicrous persons,” but she also shows a softness for her first mate by rebuking him for his excellent work and complaining that he can “do no wrong” (in a teasing manner). Amelia shows almost no Ni in the film, other than having a bad feeling about the crew and not trusting them – but an abundance of opportunistic Se. She reacts instantly to problems and leaps into action. She is willing to take immense risks. When they encounter an exploding planet, Amelia takes the helm and uses the thrust off the implosion to get them free of incineration in the nick of time. She manages to get herself, Doppler, and Jim off the ship after a mutiny, by blasting a hole through the floor and sneaking out through the bowels of the ship. When she’s badly injured in their flight, she insists there’s nothing wrong, just a few bruises is all. Amelia doesn’t show her emotions much; when she loses her first mate (and dear friend) due what she thinks is a mistake, she simply says “he knew the risks” of sailing with the crew, and then goes away to mourn alone in her cabin. She never speaks of him again.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Amelia runs a shipshape … well, ship. She issues orders and expects others to obey them and disapproves of the scurrilous crew that they have hired to accompany them across the galaxy. Rather than let up on them, she insists they follow her rules and maintain their positions, not realizing they are mounting a mutiny against her. Amelia doesn’t intend to let Jim slack off, even though he is behind this expedition, so she assigns him to the kitchen and expects him to pull his weight with the other members of the crew as a cabin boy. Though fair-minded and purpose-driven, Amelia also has a playful and flirtatious side. She teases her first mate and others among the crew, and quickly warms up to Dr. Doppler. She falls in love with him over the course of their adventures, and becomes less hard on him for being a nincompoop as they go along (though at first, she isn’t remotely impressed).