Dr. Doppler is an astrophysicist with a high regard for his own vast intellect, who speaks multiple languages (and thinks nothing of it), who keeps a study full of books and ideas to compel him into action, and who throws himself immediately after the idea of finding the treasure planet, without knowing anything about it, or whether it’s a fool’s errand – it’s enough that Jim has a map and can access it, although Doppler insists it would take him several lifetimes to unlock all the map’s secrets. He rather hilariously says “I have a doctorate, I’m not a doctor” when called upon in space to act (a parody on Dr. Bones from Star Track, btw – “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a ___”). He’s more of an improviser, a theorizer, and a dreamer who chases after what seems most exciting. He is overjoyed to be in space on grand adventures, because he has always “wished” to see things like this (“I have only ever dreamed of adventures like this!”). Doppler is likable, charming, and good-natured, able to win people over easily by giving them compliments, but is also a bit defensive whenever he feels anyone thinks he looks foolish. He tries to over-protect his reputation when Captain Amelia makes him feel stupid, by becoming defensive. He admits that he feels like a useless weakling, since he’s so poor at sensory activities, and overdresses for protection.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Dr. Doppler is both cautious and adventurous. Though he immediately leaps on the idea of financing a voyage to find the treasure planet, he shows up on the day of their departure in a ridiculous and wholly unnecessary space suit, because the women selling him things talked him into it. He becomes flustered and embarrassed and lashes out when the Captain points out that he’s wearing it incorrectly and needs to plug it in for his air supply to work properly. He is somewhat concerned with Jim taking risks, but also supportive of his friend, and courageous when he must rise to the occasion. His 7 wing shows in his adventurous and fun-loving side, how he takes most things in stride, and his sense of humor, which kicks in on a regular basis even when the situation looks dire.