Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Jim’s mother says that her son built his first solar surfer at age eight. He figures out how to open the puzzle box to reveal the map without even really thinking much about it, then easily figures out what the map means. When the planet is about to explode after they discover it’s been booby-trapped, Jim sends the others away but stays behind in an attempt to rewire the panel to prevent this from happening. He theorizes that the entire planet is the mechanism to conceal the treasure, and that the treasure must be hidden inside it, which is accurate. Jim is notoriously sensory-driven, leaping into action at the slightest provocation. As a child, he dreams of going on pirate adventures and stays up late to “read” his book (by watching its stories unfold). As a teenager, he gets in trouble for speeding on his solar surer. He’s a capable deckhand, who figures out quickly how to do things. When planet is about to explode, it’s Jim who insists they turn around and run their ship directly at it, believing he can reach the map and activate a portal into another space dimension to save their lives. He puts himself at risk several times to ensure his friends get away safely. When his makeshift solar surfer (which he builds himself out of scraps laying around the planet) loses juice, Jim figures out he can scrape it against the sides of the collapsing platform to create enough fiction to cause the fire to reignite and get him the rest of the way. Jim has very poor Fe, except that Morph can convince him to lighten up and change his mind, and that at the end, he allows John Silver to escape justice. It doesn’t matter that Silver is a murderous pirate, Jim decides to let him go because of their friendship. He admits to Silver that he has “plans” to make people see him in a different way. Though emotionally muted, he can become angry under stress

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Jim as a child dreams of going on wild and crazy adventures, finding planets rumored not to exist (treasure planets!), and being free of all his obligations and responsibilities at home. He acts out as a teenager, frequently getting himself into trouble for having too much of a good time – for driving his wind surfboard too fast in the wrong areas, and then he tries to rationalize away his bad behavior and insist that he’s really doing the right thing and it’s not a problem. He immediately leaps on the idea of pursuing a secret map to the treasure planet, and has a bunch of ideas about how he’s going to spend his fortune. The story involves him maturing out of his selfish ambitions, into becoming a more responsible young man who supports his mother rather than flees his obligations to her. His 8 wing sees no need to harmonize with anyone else; he can be temperamental and combative, challenging the crew and not wanting to obey orders, but also be sullen and refuse to go along with things. He fearlessly leads daring rescue missions and manages to save them all when the crew mutinies.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.